City to Hold Series of Virtual Events to Celebrate Jakarta's 493th Anniversary

Reporter : Rudi Hermawan | Editor : Maria Inggita | June 21st, 2020 07:27 AM 07:27 WIB | Dibaca 151 kali
City to Hold Series of Virtual Events to Celebrate Jakarta's 493th Anniversary (Foto : /

Jakarta's anniversary event for this year will be different than previous years because of COVID-19 pandemic. Commemorating Jakarta's 493th Anniversary, the Jakarta Provincial Government will hold a series of virtual events that can be enjoyed by all Jakarta residents from home.

" We still can find a joy in new forms of activities that are familiar in this pandemic period"

Jakarta Secretary, Saefullah as the Chairman of Jakarta's 493th Anniversary conveyed, the difference of this year's event is only related to the procedures in celebrating Jakarta's Anniversary. On the previous events, Jakarta's Anniversary was celebrated with many outdoor activities with large of crowds. Thus during the pandemic, people should be familiar with indoor activities, without large crowds, moreover with virtual activities.

"These new habits will not reduce the substance of Jakarta's Anniversary which is to be grateful and reflect on our progress. We still can find a joy in new forms of activities that are familiar in this pandemic period," he said as quoted by Jakarta PPID Press Release, Saturday (6/20).

From this year's theme, Jakarta Tangguh (Jakarta is Tough), Jakarta Government wants to show Jakarta as the tough city in facing the COVID-19 pandemic. "Logo that we use also symbolizes the resilience of Jakarta City, with a harmonious collaboration between Jakarta Government and the community, the unyielding spirit that never goes out to welcome Jakarta City that is advanced, resilient, prosperous, and in the end could be free from COVID-19 pandemic," he explained.

Furthermore, he continued, the Jakarta's 493th Anniversary event series will be started with a ceremony that will be attended by all ranks of Jakarta Provincial Government. Later on, the Jakarta Council (DPRD) Plenary Meeting will be also held. Both ceremony and plenary meeting will be held in accordance with health protocols which mandated in Article 2 of Jakarta Gubernatorial Regulation (Pergub) No. 51/2020.

"For Jakarta residents, we have prepared variety of events that will be held virtually. Thus everyone can enjoy it from home. Those are Jakarta Great Online Sale Festival, Virtual Tours in several interesting places in Jakarta, and variety of exciting programs that can be watched by streaming on," he mentioned.

The series of Jakarta's 493th Anniversary events can be enjoyed virtually from June 20 to June 22, 2020 at and Jakarta Provincial Government's social media account. While for Jakarta Great Online Sale Festival will be held on June 22-30, 2020. But some of the online shopping platforms will start the event from June 20, thus his side hopes participation from all communities to help MSMEs (UMKM) in Jakarta to grow their business during the pandemic by buying their products.

He asserted that Jakarta Fair and Jakarta Great Sale Festival celebrations in various shopping centers in Jakarta can't be held during this pandemic to prevent crowds.

Here are the series of virtual event that will be held to celebrate the Jakarta's 493th Anniversary;

1. Jakarta Great Online Sale: City collaborates with 8 e-commerce platforms to provide attractive offers for online transactions.

2. Virtual Tour: Ragunan Zoo, Sea World Ancol, Planetarium, 5 Museums in Jakarta, Monas Dancing Fountain, and viewing the beauty of Jakarta City from the sky via drone.

3. Gubernur Menyapa Warga: It is a program where Jakarta Governor will have a casual discussion via Live Zoom Meeting from Jakarta City Hall together with Mayors / Regent; Sub-district and Urban Village heads from their offices, and representatives from RW/RT, FKDM, PKK, community leaders, Karang Taruna (youths), and religious leaders.

4. Jakarta Governor and Vice Governor's Zoom Meeting:

- Live Zoom Meeting between Jakarta Governor and Vice Governor with 40 selected citizens who gave the best and most creative Jakarta City greeting video through Jakarta Government's social media accounts (@dkijakarta and @jsclounge).

- Live Zoom Meeting with Sister City Ambassadors to discuss Jakarta Now and Future in the context of the Jakarta's Anniversary.

5. Various interesting programs from Beritajakarta TV that can be watched via online streaming on, such as Virtual Pensi Band SMA, Tik Tok Topeng Betawi, and Live Report from Jakarta City Hall and DPRD. The Jakarta's 493th Anniversary will also be celebrated simultaneously with the launching of which is the development of with Digital TV platform which provides information about Jakarta that can be accessed virtually with its interesting programs, namely:

1. Berita Jakarta

2. Ngobrol Tengah Hari

3. Mpok Sapa

4. Wajah Jakarta

5. Jurnal Kebon Sirih

6. Petantang Petenteng