Here are Schedule for Online Student Admissions in Jakarta

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | June 11th, 2020 08:56 PM 20:56 WIB | Dibaca 216 kali
Here are Schedule for Online Student Admissions in Jakarta (Foto : /

Entering school's new academic year that will be started on July 13, 2020, Jakarta Education Agency has released the stages in online registration for New Student Admissions (PPDB).

" Jakarta PPDB policy is expected to accommodate various backgrounds of prospective students"

Here are the schedule of PPDB school year 2020/2021;

1. Kindergarten and Special School (SLB) Level (June 22 - July 10, 2020)

- Registration: June 22 Juni - July 4

- Announcement: July 6

- Re-registration: July 7 - 10

2. Package A, Package B, Package C (July 27 - August 5, 2020)

- Registration: July 27 - 30

- Announcement: August 3

- Re-registration: August 4 - 5

3. Elementary School (SD), Junior High School (SMP), Senior High School (SMA), and Vocational High School (SMK) Levels (June 15 - July 9, 2020)

This policy is regulated at Education Agency Head Decree No. 501/2020 concerning Technical Guidelines for New Student Admission in Academic Year 2020/2021

The decree was based on Education and Culture Minister's Regulation No. 44/2019 concerning the Acceptance of New Students in Kindergartens, Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools, Senior High Schools, and Vocational High Schools.

Moreover, this decree also refers to Jakarta Gubernatorial Regulation No. 43/2019 concerning the Acceptance of New Students which is adjusted to the demographic condition in Jakarta and considers inputs from various stakeholders.

Jakarta Education Agency Head, Nahdiana mentioned, Jakarta PPDB policy provides an opportunity for disadvantaged communities to obtain education in public schools and minimize social inequality.

"It is realized through increasing quota at junior high and senior high from 20 percent into 25 percent and vocational high from 20 percent into 35 percent," she stated, Thursday (10/11).

In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, she continued, the entire process of PPDB is carried out from home or via online, start from the account submission, school registration / selection, and re-registration for those who pass the selection process.

"Jakarta PPDB policy is expected to accommodate various backgrounds of prospective students based on PPDB principle; objective, transparent, fair, accountable, and non-discriminatory," she explained.

Meanwhile, here are PPDB selection paths at elementary, junior high, senior high, and vocational school levels;

1. Inclusion Path, is for students with disabilities.

2. Affirmation Path, is for students from underprivileged families. Jakarta Government also provides opportunity for children of health workers who have died in handling COVID-19 to attend public schools.

3. Zonation Path, is for students based on their domicile areas.

4. Achievement Path, consists of academic and non-academic achievements.

5. Path for children whose parents are teachers/civil apparatuses/TNI/Police that transferred to other areas due to state assignments or children from teacher who teach in destination school of CPDB (Prospective New Students).

6. Jakarta Outer Path, is for children who came from areas outside Jakarta.

"We also provide information service center in various channels that can help in finding solution or giving proper instruction to process their accounts," she added.

Information about PPDB can be accessed through;

1. Jakarta Education Agency's official website: and

2. PPDB complaint service

3. Hotline : 021 – 39504050 and 021 – 39504053; Phone/SMS : 082114555537, 082114555538, 082114557312, 082114557313; WhatsApp : 081380063214 and 081380063215

4. Jakarta Education Agency's Social media

Instagram: @officialppdbdki, Facebook: @ppdbdki, Twitter: @ppdbdki1