Food Station Supports Lumbung Beras Siaga Movement

Reporter : Wuri Setyaningsih | Editor : Maria Inggita | May 28th, 2020 10:29 PM 22:29 WIB | Dibaca 148 kali
Food Station Supports Lumbung Beras Siaga Movement (Foto : Wuri Setyaningsih /

PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya (Food Station) supports Gerakan Lumbung Beras Siaga, a movement initiated by Relawan Siaga to give free rice for poor people.

" Each family is only allowed to receive assistance once a week"

Food Station President Director, Arief Prasetyo Adi conveyed, due to COVID-19 pandemic, many people felt the impact economically. Thus his side wanted to assist poor people by providing rice through Lumbung Beras Siaga (LBS) movement.

"This movement is supported by residents in order to maintain food security by ensuring each houses to have rice," he stated in his written statement, Thursday (5/28).

Through LBS movement, his side will distribute three kilograms rice per family with target 200 poor families a day for three months since May 26, 2020.

Relawan Siaga Chairman, Letjen (Purn) Agus Sutomo expects his efforts to start this movement can inspire people to do similar thing in their neighborhood. Thus target of this movement could be realized throughout Indonesia. It is 'Satu Kecamatan, Satu Lumbung Beras Siaga' which means one granary prepared for one sub-district.

Free rice distribution will be done in accordance to the COVID-19 protocols. In this program, rice prospective recipients should register first via

The prospective recipients should bring their ID cards (KTP) and relief letter (SKTM) which obtained from local RT/RW. Later on, the prospective recipients will be informed by Relawan Siaga Secretariat the schedule to visit LBS location. In the location, prospective recipients' health and temperature will be checked first before receiving the assistance.

"Each family is only allowed to receive assistance once a week," he closed.