PMPTSP Has Repaired SIKM Online Service

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | May 27th, 2020 09:07 PM 21:07 WIB | Dibaca 401 kali
PMPTSP Has Repaired SIKM Online Service (Foto : /

Jakarta Investment and One-Stop Integrated Service (PMPTSP) Agency immediately repaired Exit and Entry Permit (SIKM) service system at site

" We will ensure JakEVO page to remain safe and efficient"

PMPTSP Agency Head, Benni Aguscandra stated, SIKM service is now accessible to the public.

"Since Tuesday, we make some improvements to JakEVO's licensing system because there are additional modules and features on the page to make it easier for applicants to apply for permit and non-permit documents. We apologize for the inconvenience," he said, Wednesday (5/27).

Even though there was a disruption in the system, he assessed, online permit application process via JakEVO can be completed on time as long as the applicants have submitted the required documents completely.

"For those who want to apply for SIKM, please send us email and attach your form and statement form that have been filled on the email, as well as other required documents to," he informed.

According to him, SIKM is different from other permit and non-permit applications. Thus each SIKM proposal will be inputted by his personnel into JakEVO system to ensure its efficiency and security in providing online permit or non-permit services.

"This policy can also accommodate various complaints of SIKM applicants. Such as their trouble in inputting form in JakEvo system," he added.

SIKM applicants is not only Jakartans but also residents from various cities and regencies in Indonesia, even from abroad.

"We use end-to-end process where we assist the SIKM applicants, from submitting their required documents until SIKM issuance," he mentioned.

In processing SIKM, his personnel immediately carried out administrative research and technical research on applicants documents, then informed whether application was approved or not.

There is a QR code on the SIKM that has been electronically encrypted and it will be sent to applicant's email address. If applicants submit documents correctly and completely, the estimated time to complete SIKM application can be done within one working day.

"We will ensure JakEVO page to remain safe and efficient to give optimal service for people who want to apply for permit and non-permit online," he closed.