Pulogebang Terminal Tightens Passengers Examination

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Maria Inggita | May 25th, 2020 08:03 PM 20:03 WIB | Dibaca 79 kali
Pulogebang Terminal Tightens Passengers Examination (Foto : Nurito / Beritajakarta.id)

Pulogebang Integrated Terminal Management Unit (UP), East Jakarta, tightens its examination towards passengers who will use Intercity Interprovince (AKAP) bus service during Large-scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) period.

" On May 5-23, as many as 601 passengers have departed from Pulogebang Terminal using 71 AKAP buses"

East Jakarta Pulogebang Integrated Terminal UP Head, Bernad Octavianus Pasaribu conveyed, all passengers should be checked first, start from their administrative documents which are required to use this service. Such as COVID-19 free statement letter from hospital, letter of assignment from related institutions, and others. If they don't bring those documents, then they are not allowed to ride AKAP bus.

"On May 5-23, as many as 601 passengers have departed from Pulogebang Terminal using 71 AKAP buses," he informed, Monday (5/25).

According to him, there were 149 people who didn't bring the complete documents thus his side couldn't allow them to travel to their hometown.

"Moreover, starting today, passengers should have SIKM (Exit and Entry Permit) from PTSP or download it from website corona.jakarta.go.id," he added.

SIKM is a permit needed for people, business owners, and foreigners who work in 11 sectors that are allowed to operate during PSBB and because of their work, they need to travel. Those who need SIKM are usually working in government offices, both central and regional governments, representative offices of foreign countries or international organizations, as well as BUMN/BUMD that participating in COVID-19 countermeasures or for meeting the basic needs.

Moreover, it is needed for business owners who run business in sectors of health, groceries/food/beverage, energy, communication, and information technology, finance, logistic, hospitality, construction, strategic industries and basic services, public utility / industry which designated as national vital objects and certain objects.

The requirement documents for applying SIKM are RT/RW cover letter, health statement, work certificate that informed the applicants work in Jakarta, official travel documents from office, color photographs and ID cards (KTP) that have been scanned.