Kebayoran Lama Market is Safe from Bootleg Meat

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | May 15th, 2020 04:09 PM 16:09 WIB | Dibaca 187 kali
Kebayoran Lama Market is Safe from Bootleg Meat (Foto : Mustaqim Amna /

The South Jakarta administration conducted a sudden inspection (sidak) at the Kebayoran Lama Market, on Thursday (5/14). From the sample results, beef food products on the market are safe from bootleg meat.

" Alhamdulillah all the results are negative"

South Jakarta Mayor Marullah Matali said that the level of food safety, especially beef was the focus of attention, following the findings of bootleg pork made to resemble beef.

"Earlier we checked all the samples and the results were negative," he expressed.

In the meantime, South Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security Sub-agency Head Hasudungan added that his side tested 10 food samples on beef commodities in the market.

"Alhamdulillah all the results are negative. Food safety must be monitored at all times thus no one is harmed," he said.