COVID-19 Patients in Jakarta Share Experiences of Their Recovery

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | April 17th, 2020 04:46 PM 16:46 WIB | Dibaca 1136 kali
COVID-19 Patients in Jakarta Share Experiences of Their Recovery (Foto : Ilustrasi /

Patients recovering from COVID-19 in Indonesia have increased rapidly since Thursday (4/16) with a total of 102 patients. Based on the latest report, the total number of patients who are free from the virus has reached 540, especially in Jakarta, its has hit 202.

" Stay home to minimize the virus transmission, stay healthy and stay clean"

A number of recovered COVID-19 patients have expressed their gratitude for the hard work and dedication of medical personnel during the health crisis. One of them is Melati (16) who had undergone treatment at the Gatot Subroto RSPAD.

"It was stressful at first, but the support from my family kept me excited. Incidentally, my room was limited by a transparent barrier so my mom and I could still communicate with each other, despite it wasn't directly," he expressed to

Her appetite immediately appeared after being brought by her mother's food and snacks. Fortunately, her weight actually increased.

"Actually, I want to lose my body. Unfortunately I eat quite a lot when treated," she said.

He also got support from his mother's friends and her friends. She joined the Whatsapp group of COVID-19 patients from the same cluster, including her mother and friends who were negative.

"I had to cry when going being treated. My mom finally made a group to support fellow patients. She and her negative friends also joined the group. We try to make a cheerful conversation to relieve stress," she expressed.

While in the isolation room, she spent time watching movies and playing games on her mobile phone, dancing Salsa and getting more rest.

"Besides my mom and her friends, my recovery is inseparable from the support of medical workers," she explained.

To get well, it was always necessary to think positively. One of them was by avoiding information or news related to COVID-19, as it would only cause concern that can reduce body immunity.

"If not, our immune system will drop," she continued.

Similar statement also came from Sunar (53), a patient who also recovered after undergoing treatment at Pasar Minggu Hospital for 27 days.

"Motivation and family support make me stronger to recover. Surely I didn't have an appetite, but thanks God to my wife's support, I'm thinking that eating and drinking vitamins actually supports health and immune," he explained.

He tried to fight his anxiety by always thinking positive to get rid of coronavirus. Slow but sure, he can handle it and start getting excited the next day.

"I came up with my own schedule, after the Subuh prayer I didn't go to sleep, but exercised my body by taking a walk in the isolation room to maintain my condition, resting and consuming lots of mineral water," he said.

He also took the time to look for positive news and information related to patients who had recovered from coronavirus.

"I'm very grateful to my family and medical workers. They (medical workers) are very meritorious even they are forced to not meet family, not stay at home," he explained.

There was also one other patient who is of the same virus, Rani Mauliani (42) told of her experience while doing independent isolation at home for 14 days.

Based on the results of her swab, it was stated positive that COVID-19 was strongly suspected of being exposed by her husband. Yet she did not experience symptoms or complaints. For this reason, on the advice of the doctor, she was asked to conduct independent isolation.

"While isolating myself, I kept my distance from people at home and I have entrusted my kids to a relative's house. I get assistance from three doctors, there was a private doctor and others from the Health Agency," she explained.

For 14 days, she focused on doing activities that make her mood happy and maintain her immune. She also regularly consumed herbal concoctions to strengthen immunity, antiviral drugs, antibiotics and vitamins according to doctor's instructions.

"I try to make my mood happy like playing Tiktok, drying in the sun, doing lots of dhikr and looking for a comfort zone by not reading the news related to the dangers of coronavirus," she explained.

Fortunately, from the support of family and friends, it means a lot to her in the midst of isolation to fight against coronavirus.

"I get great support from my family and friends who call or video call every day. In fact, I sent fruit and food so I didn't need to go to the market," she told.

Then she gave her advises for coronavirus patients who carried out self-isolation that is do not be afraid as isolating oneself was proven to be cured.

"A happy heart is medicine. We must fight this disease. If we are happy, we can do it," she stressed.

She asked, the people of Indonesia, especially Jakartans, during the COVID-19 pandemic to comply with the government's call to do activities or work at home.

"Stay home to minimize the virus transmission, stay healthy and stay clean that is by routinely washing hands and wearing masks and always keep a distance if forced to travel. In addition, no less important is to pray a lot," she closed.