Jakarta's Latest Official COVID-19 Cases as of April 8

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | April 8th, 2020 07:15 PM 19:15 WIB | Dibaca 295 kali
Jakarta's Latest Official COVID-19 Cases as of April 8 (Foto : / Beritajakarta.id)

The Jakarta COVID-19 Quick Handling Task Force announces the latest information of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases as of April 8.

" 976 are still being treated in hospital"

According to Catur Laswanto, Chairman of Jakarta Quick Handling Task Force II, based on the Health Agency's data, as many as 75 out of 1,552 patients infected with COVID-19 recovered and 144 died.

"976 are still being treated in hospital and 357 are undergoing self-isolation at home, as well as 796 are still waiting for the laboratory results," he expressed, in the COVID-19 Daily Brief at Jakarta City Hall's Pendopo (Pavilion), as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

He mentions the number of individuals being monitored (ODP) is reaching 2,598 people (2,054 have been monitored and 544 are still being monitored). While there are 2,254 patients under surveillance (PDP), comprising 1,219 have returned to home and 1,035 are still being treated. As for the medical workers infected with COVID-19 hit 130, comprising 1 died, 21 recovered in 41 hospitals, one clinic and one health center in Jakarta.

"We also intensify COVID-19 rapid tests in six cities/regencies of Jakarta and the employee health service centers (PPKP). As of April 7, around 27,696 people or 3.0 percent have undergone rapid test, with details 829 tested positive for COVID-19 and 26,867 tested negative," he explained.

As for the information, from 44 sub-districts, 42 of them are detected as having positive coronavirus case, 2 are with zero case (North and South Thousand Islands sub-districts). The most cases are in Kebon Jeruk (43 cases), Duren Sawit (41 cases), Kalideres (41 cases) and Tebet (37 cases).

Similar case is also spotted in 267 urban villages whereby 210 of them sub-districts or 79 percent have positive coronavirus case. 5 are dominating the case, namely Pegadungan (32 cases), Pondok Kelapa (17 cases), Senayan (17 cases), Kelapa Gading (16 cases) and Kebon Jeruk (16 cases).

Therefore, the city continues to urge its citizens to maintain physical distancing through work, study and worship at home, avoiding crowds, maintaining cleanliness through hand washing and using a mask when leaving the house.

They also thanked various parties who had helped and collaborated in its handling and personal protective equipment aid such as hazmat suits and surgical masks, disinfectant liquid and natura.

Support can be directly delivered to the Jakarta Development Collaboration Network (JDCN) through the Secretariat of Jakarta COVID-19 Quick Handling Task Force, at City Hall, Block G on the second floor or through jdcn.jakarta.go.id and Chat Center at 081196000196 and 081196000197.