KPKP Encourages People to Plant Empon-Empon

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Maria Inggita | March 5th, 2020 05:09 PM 17:09 WIB | Dibaca 74 kali
KPKP Encourages People to Plant Empon-Empon (Foto : /

In order to increase body immunity thus not easily infected by COVID-19, Chairul Anwar Nidom, one of the professors in Airlangga University as well as the Leader of Corona Research and Vaccine Formulation Team suggested people to consume 'empon-empon' or spices consisting of ginger, curcuma (temulawak), turmeric, and others.

" People who plant it will be not affected with fluctuate price at the market"

Therefore, Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture, and Food Security (KPKP) Department encouraged people to plant medicinal plants since it can be used as remedy that is rich of benefits.

"People who plant it will not be affected with fluctuate price at the market. Moreover, after harvesting, they can use it while fresh," Darjamuni, KPKP Department Head, Thursday (2/5).

Not only fulfilling their needs, he assessed that massive urban farming can increase families' income.

"If the medicinal plants' price is rising, they can get double income and improve the family welfare," he added.

According to him, KPKP Department will continue to create innovations, especialy in developing urban farming in Jakarta. One of its efforts is to realize Go Jakfarm program.

"In order to maintain food security in Jakarta, it is important to collaborate with locals and related stakeholders," he asserted.