Socialization on Waste Sorting Intensified on Panggang Island

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | February 18th, 2020 06:20 PM 18:20 WIB | Dibaca 86 kali
Socialization on Waste Sorting Intensified on Panggang Island (Foto : Suparni /

Jakartans have never sorted their waste, instead leaving the job to an estimated scavengers working with their hands to feed the city’s recycling system, including in Thousand Islands.

" Maintaining cleanliness must become a culture"

To dispel that impression, the Panggang Island Urban Village, North Thousand Islands Sub-district, Thousand Islands keeps intensifying socialization on waste reduction and sorting according to Gubernatorial Instruction number 107/2019 on Reduction and Sorting of Waste in the Jakarta Provincial Government environment.

Panggang Island Urban Village Head Pepen Kuswandi said this action has been intensified since yesterday, which is by sending tens of personnel comprising civil servants, PPSU members, Satpol PP, RT/RW caretakers, Environment Sub-agency, health cadres, LMK and FKDM.

"Our personnel are divided into five groups, three groups are in RW 01, 02 and 03, Panggang Island. Meanwhile, two other groups are in RW 04 and 05 Pramuka Island," he expressed, Tuesday (2/18).

Additionally, similar action is also carried out to tourists and locals who are active in the urban village.

"After socialization, we will prepare a supervisory team thus efforts to sort waste can be run early. Those personnel will be placed in the main streets, government offices and tourist sites," he explained.

It is hoped that citizens could become accustomed to maintaining cleanliness thus tourists will feel more comfortable in the islands.

"Maintaining cleanliness must become a culture. Moreover, the Thousand Islands is a leading tourist destination, we must maintain a good image," he stated.