Commission E Chairperson Appreciates Jakarta Memanggil Movement

Reporter : Folmer | Editor : Maria Inggita | February 18th, 2020 04:26 PM 16:26 WIB | Dibaca 76 kali
Commission E Chairperson Appreciates Jakarta Memanggil Movement (Foto : /

Jakarta Council (DPRD) Commission A Chairperson, Imam Satria appreciated Jakarta Health Department for initiating 'Jakarta Memanggil' movement to make Jakarta free from HIV/AIDS in 2030.

" It is not enough just to rely on government for handling HIV/AIDS, but we must be proactive to help the others"

In order to make Jakarta Memanggil movement successful, he assessed, it needs supports from residents and all related stakeholders.

"It is not enough just to rely on government for handling HIV/AIDS, but we must be proactive to help the others," he stated, Monday (2/17).

He conveyed, acceleration is needed to handle HIV/AIDS since it can cause death through decreased immunity.

"Besides, incentive must be given to health workers who are involved in Jakarta Memanggil thus Jakarta can be free of HIV/AIDS in 2030," he asserted.

As previously reported, Jakarta Health Department Head, Widyastuti explained, partner clinics and health centers in gamification of Jakarta Memanggil can register via website by creating the account, then choosing the Fast-Track actions that will be played.

Next, uploading report based on achievement, getting the verification result based on selected actions, and claiming incentives that have been provided and move up to the next level.

Thus, it needs the involvement from all parties thus HIV/AIDS treatment can run effectively and optimally. Besides, this program needs innovations, the use of measured data, ICT utilization, optimize the available resources, and quick responds to various challenges.

Through this movement, strategic and sustainable small steps will give a major impact on HIV/AIDS prevention in Jakarta.

Moreover, through Fast-Track initiative, all big cities in the world are encouraged to reach 90-90-90 result, it means 90 percent people with HIV/AIDS (ODHA) know their status that they are positive HIV/AIDS and remain on ARV treatment, and 90 percent of those who seek treatment can achieve viral load suppression as a sign of successful treatment.

Currently, this Fast-Track initiative is in line with national acceleration of HIV treatment initiative from Ministry of Health. For now, health workers from 42 sub-district health centers and 2 partner clinics in Jakarta will compete to achieve program's targets which are in accordance with global initiatives called Fast-Track: Cities Ending the AIDS Epidemic by 2030.