Greening Jakarta, Tens Thousands Trees and Million Shrubs Planted

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Maria Inggita | January 26th, 2020 12:16 AM 00:16 WIB | Dibaca 160 kali
Greening Jakarta, Tens Thousands Trees and Million Shrubs Planted (Foto : /

Jakarta Provincial Government continues to improve Jakarta's air quality by greening the city. After revitalization done on sidewalk, park and urban forest, Jakarta Government has also planted 36,320 trees and 1,193,670 shrubs in 2019.

" Various types of pollutant-absorbing plants have been planted in four types of areas in Jakarta"

Jakarta Park and Urban Forest Department Head, Suzi Marsitawati stated, her side planted trees and shrubs in four types of areas; Maju Bersama Parks, Grande Parks, Sidewalks, and Urban Forests.

"Various types of pollutant-absorbing plants such as Tabebuya with various colors, Trembesi, Ketapang Kencana, Plumeria, others have been planted in four types of areas in Jakarta," she stated, Saturday (1/25), as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Conference.

Here are trees and shrubs planted based on types of areas:

1. Maju Bersama Park (TMB)

a. North:

- 136 Tabebuya, Palem Sadeng, and Bungur trees.

- 63,214 Lily, Palem Kol, Pacing, and Sambang Dara shrubs.

b. East:

- 168 Pink Tabebuya, Yellow Tabebuya, Kiara Payung, Buni, Bunga Kupu-Kupu, and Plumeria trees.

- 38,614 Ruelia, Oleander, White Ginger shrubs.

c. West:

- 383 Trembesi, Tabebuya, Bungur, Plumeria, Baobab trees.

- 24,716 White Jasmine, Bougainvillea, Pucuk Merah shrubs.

d. South:

- 500 Ketapang Kencana,Tabebuya, Mahogany, Japanese Plumeria, Pisbol, Avocado trees.

- 104,000 Bougainvillea, Ararea, Roelia, Lantana shrubs.

e. Road lane:

- 591 trees

- 47,687 Irish and lavender shrubs

f. Park:

- 580 Trembesi, Tabebuya, and Flamboyan trees.

- 14,100 Airis, Red Cogongrass, Green Cogongrass, Zinnia shrubs.

2. Grande Park

a. Puring Park:

29.622 Red Cogongrass, Green Cogongrass, Canna, and Angelonia shrubs.

b. Mataram Park:

- 15 White Tabebuya Trees.

- 9,746 Red Cogongrass, Green Cogongrass, Airis, Nephrolepis shrubs.

3. Sidewalks

a. Sudirman:

- 550 Tabebuya and Ketapang Kencana trees.

- 56,869 Bouganvillea shrubs.

b. Thamrin:

15,746 Bougainvillea shrubs

c. Cikini:

- 197 Tabebuya trees.

- 60,825 Soka, Bougainvillea, and White Jasmine shrubs.

d. Kramat - Salemba:

2,452 White Jasmine and Pucuk Merah shrubs.

e. Kemang:

- 30 Purple Tabebuya trees

- 18,399 Bougainvillea shrubs.

f. Satrio:

- 380 Tabebuya, Sea Grapes, Bungur, Mindi, and Bauhinia trees.

- 15,303 Bougainvillea and Yellow Palm shrubs.

g. Semanggi:

240 Tabebuya, Cocoloba, Buttercup trees.

h. Green Open Space on Median Strip:

289,252 Lily, Snake Plant, Canna, Reulia shrubs.

i. North:

- 220 Tabebuya trees

- 65,310 Lantana, Lily, White Jasmine, Spati Pilum, Canna, Bougainvillea shrubs.

j. East:

15,613 Garden Croton, Bougainvillea, Pucuk Merah shrubs.

k. West:

- 339 Tabebuya and Pule trees.

- 20,850 Bougainvillea, Snake Plant, Jasmium Mensyi, Yellow Palm, and Canna shrubs.

l. South:

- 441 Ketapang Kencana, Trembesi, Karet Kebo, and Tabebuya trees.

- 298.177 Soka, White Koreobusa, Bougainvillea, Ararea, and White Jasmine shrubs.

4. Urban Forest

a. Mangrove:

- 30.960 Mangrove trees.

b. Thamrin 10:

- 70 Tabebuya, Trembesi, Ketapang Kencana trees.

This greening efforts requires collaboration of various stakeholders and communities to preserve trees and shrubs that have been planted. Thus Jakarta can be more beautiful and green.