Gulkarmat Continues to Improve Professionalism

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | January 14th, 2020 06:51 PM 18:51 WIB | Dibaca 206 kali
Gulkarmat Continues to Improve Professionalism (Foto : Reza Hapiz /

The Jakarta Fire and Rescue (Gulkarmat) Agency will continue to improve work professionalism in accordance with its main tasks and functions (tupoksi), especially in providing the best public services.

" The governor gives us a command related to community prevention and empowerment"

Satriadi Gunawan, Head of Jakarta Gulkarmat Agency said plans and work programs for the progress of the institution they lead in the future have been prepared. It refers to the medium-term development plan (RPJMD), as well as vision-mission and promise of Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan.

"The governor gives us a command related to community prevention and empowerment. We want the fire to be overcome by the community early on and prevent fires from occurring," he expressed, after a ceremony for handover of a position at the Gulkarmat Agency Office, Jalan KH Zainul Arifin, Duri Pulo Urban Village, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (1/14).

He explained the professionalism of firefighters and infrastructure needs to be improved to respond to the increasing challenges of firefighters, as it is related to rescue.

"Our task is very wide, including the evacuation of wasp nests, snakes, monkeys, to detach the ring from the finger of citizens," he explained.

In addition, firefighters are also increasingly capable in terms of abilities and skills in order to improve performance on the international scene as in previous years.

"We routinely hold skill competition in each year, usually in Singapore. In the future we will do selection in five cities, we'll choose the best and hold training according to the standard that will be contested later," he told.

Related to anticipating the impact of rainy season, the agency will further increase preparedness and be ready to provide services to the community related to the evacuation of flood victims.

"To the firefighters, Let's take care of your health, professionalism, improve your abilities and skills. Be a public servant who is always present when people need help," he told.

At the same tie, Jakarta Gulkarmat Agency Former Head Subejo advised, leaders or figures can change, but the system and organization must continue to run.

"All firefighters must be loyal to the leadership on behalf of the institution. As long as it is an official order, it must be obeyed. Keep solidity and togetherness to serve the community well," he stated.