City Signs MoU with 21 Institutions Regarding Disaster Management in Jakarta

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Maria Inggita | January 3rd, 2020 04:43 PM 16:43 WIB | Dibaca 310 kali
City Signs MoU with 21 Institutions Regarding Disaster Management in Jakarta (Foto : /

Jakarta Provincial Government through Jakarta Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) continues to handle flood in various ways. One of them is to collaborate with 21 organizations, communities, and start-up companies through Cooperation Agreement (PKS) about Disaster Management Implementation, especially for flood disaster in Jakarta. Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan together with cooperation partners signed the MoU at Balairung, Jakarta City Hall, Friday (1/3).

" Now, we do it in a collaboration"

In his speech, he conveyed that government is responsible in facilitating people who want to deliver their assistance for flood victims.

"Government has complete information, knows the flood location, flood water level, total victims. Thus we choose to be the facilitator with hope of good people in Jakarta who want to share and give assistance to them can gather it in here," he said as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Conference.

Through this Agreement Cooperation, he wants to clarify the assistance mapping and types of community supports, thus it can be accommodated into one.

"This collaboration is still new for us. Formerly, we only announce it and do it separately. Now, we do it in a collaboration. Let me say this: please bare with us. It is still new, and now we are collaborating. So, we hope all of us can support each other and learn to run it as a collaborative work," he asserted.

Furthermore, he also hopes there is SOP that can be compiled together as a disaster management effort since disaster can't be predicted, thus later it can be overcomed quickly and efficiently.

"Off course we don't want any disaster to happen, but it always occur unexpectedly. When it is happened, this collaboration is also ready to work immediately. Moreover about rain, BMKG's predicted its peak is in February and March. Thus hopefully we can't prevent it. But even if we experience it, it is an important exercise for us to build a strength. Hopefully we can work fast, efficient, and people can get its benefits," he conveyed.

The scope of Disaster Management Cooperation Agreement in Jakarta includes Mapping and Information on areas affected by flood; Appeal and collecting support in form of funds or others for flood and post-flood disaster management; Fund management and other support from other sides with target for the flood victims; Implementation of Flood Disaster Management supports in evacuation, logistic, health, technology and information, and social impacts; Submitting reports on the use of funds and other supports; and Monitoring and evaluation.

Supports in Flood Disaster Management and Post-Flood can be divided into 5 fields;

(1) Evacuation, with activities such as:

a. Activating disaster alert posts and its supporting elements;

b. Inventorying emergency support resources;

c. Preparedness training / simulation / rehearsal / technical meeting for ALL SIDES;

d. Resource mobilization (personnel and equipment); and

e. Rescue and direct and rapid relocation of affected communities from the flood locations

(2) Logistic, with activities such as:

a. Information data of the receivers and/or Sheleter Post;

b. Preparing the support and logistic mobilization; and

c. Meet the basic needs: food, clothes, and other basic needs for the evacuees or flood victims

(3) Health, with activities such as:

Health and medical service, including medicines and medics

(4) Technology and Information, with activities such as:

Preparing the fast and integrated information system and communication to support disaster task

(5) Social Impacts, with activities such as:

Protecting the vulnerable groups and trauma healing

Here are 21 partners who are cooperate with Jakarta Government through this MoU: Jakarta Baznas Bazis, Alms House, Wahana Visi Indonesia Foundation, Kita Bisa Foundation, Indonesian Red Cross, PT. Grab Teknologi Indonesia, PT. Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa, PT. Virtual Online Exchange, Jakarta Amanah Mulia Foundation, Mandiri Amal Insani Foundation, Amil Zakat Al-Azhar Institution, Nurul Hayat National Alms Institution, Pkpu Human Initiative Foundation, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association of Jakarta Raya, DPD DKI Jakarta Indonesian Business Women Association, Turun Tangan Foundation, Borobudur Hotel, Amil Zakat Muhammadiyah Foundation, Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia Foundation, and Quick Action Response Foundation.

This MoU is valid until 6 months ahead from the date of signing.