70 SD Principals Sent to SDN 12 Benhil for Comparative Study

Reporter : Lopi Kasim | Editor : Adi Alfiyan | January 21st, 2014 05:13 PM 17:13 WIB | Dibaca 2050 kali
70 SD Principals Sent to SDN 12 Benhil for Comparative Study  (Foto : / Beritajakarta.id)
As many as 70 Central Jakarta principals conduct a comparative study to State Elementary School (SDN) 12 Bendungan Hilir (Benhil), Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. With this comparative study, those are expected able to imitate the SDN 12 Benhil’s achievement that has successfully won an Education Adiwiyata Award and able to cooperate with several companies in advancing educational sector.

Jakarta Education Department, Taufik Yudi Mulyanto said that such comparative study is aimed to imitate and implement it in each school. By so, elementary school principals are able to exchange experiences each other thus it can create a good output.

“The comparative study aims to exchange experiences and can also get lessons that can be implemented or could be developed into a creative form to each school. Thus, it can be mutually contribute in delivering learning. Its purpose is in order to create a better school management in the future,” he stated, Tuesday (1/21).

Structuring and management of the school, Mulyanto continued, are implemented thoroughly and integrated. And it has been implemented well in SDN 12 Benhil. No wonder, the school gets the attention and support from companies because of its character and profile with eco-friendly concept has been in line with company expectations.

Central Jakarta Primary Education Sub-Department Head, Sujadiyono added that comparative study in Central Jakarta is useful to improve the quality of schools, thus all elementary schools in Central Jakarta can be aligned in terms of management and achievement. “Another school is also supposed to be able to implement and imitate the good school management. So, the schools will be parallel and equally as good,” he finished.