New Year Holiday, Thousand Islands Installs New Beautiful Icons

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Maria Inggita | December 16th, 2019 04:40 PM 16:40 WIB | Dibaca 402 kali
New Year Holiday, Thousand Islands Installs New Beautiful Icons (Foto : Mustaqim Amna /

Jakarta Provincial Government through Thousand Islands Tourism and Culture Sub-department (Sudinparbud) continues to beautify the tourist destination area in Thousand Islands by improving its infrastructure and building new icons.

" We hope it can attract more visitors to spend their new year holiday in Thousand Islands"

Thousand Islands Sudinparbud Acting Head (Plt), Alberto Ali stated, his side installed new icons to make beaches in Thousand Islands become more attractive and unique, as well as to distinguish it from other beaches in Indonesia.

"We hope it can attract more visitors to spend their new year holiday in Thousand Islands," he conveyed as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Conference, Monday (12/16).

Meanwhile, Thousand Islands Sudinparbud Head, Cucu Ahmad Kurnia said, new icons were built through cooperation with Indonesian Sculptor Association for Jakarta Branch.

"Thank you for all artists who have helped us in realizing it," he asserted.

According to him, 8 new icons were installed in several islands. Those icons were entrusted to a planning team, consisting of Arief Timor, Adityayoga, Agoes Salim, Nicholas Willa, Anindyo Widito, and made by Yani Mariani and Agus Widodo.

There are 4 icons made by Yani Mariani. Those are Jiwa Samudera in Pari Island, a marine biota shaped icon with size 3mx3mx4.5m; Persembahan Cinta in Tidung Island, in form of palm and rose flower-shaped icon with size 2mx2mx3m; Derai Embun in Pramuka Island with size 3.5mx3.5mx5.5m; and Nyala Samudera in Karya Island with size 4mx5.5mx4m.

Then, 4 other icons made by Agus Widodo are Generasi Pelaut in Tidung Island, a boat-shaped icon with size 5mx3mx3m; Ombak Menari in Karya Island, a tide-shaped icon with size 7mx2.5mx3m; Tangan Lestari in Pramuka Island, two hands-shaped icon with size 1.6mx1.6mx3m; and Sakura in Untung Jawa Island, a flower-shaped icon with size 3mx3mx3m.

Meanwhile, the art curator, Benny Ronald stated, art installation installed in public space is an entity that can inspire anyone who sees or interacts with it.

"Public space art makes the empty space becomes more lively and significantly grows its own uniqueness," he assessed.

According to him, those new icons make tourist destinations in Thousand Islands be more unique and different from other beaches in Jakarta. Moreover, it provides selfie spots for visitors. He expects by installing new icons can give more value to each islands in Thousand Islands.

"I think Thousand Islands also needs an aggressive branding program by adding more landmarks or art installations that can add values to each islands. People who used to capture picture of a place as if it is an unconscious statement about the conquest of space and time is very common these days. It is quite normal because it is an active progress which is in line with advances in technology and incessant posting through social media," he explained.