Anies Inaugurates International Standard Racehorse Breeding Center

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Maria Inggita | December 15th, 2019 12:05 AM 00:05 WIB | Dibaca 183 kali
Anies Inaugurates International Standard Racehorse Breeding Center (Foto : Dadang Kusuma Wira Putra /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan inaugurated the international standard racehorse breeding center, Equinara Pulomas Breeding Center in Pulogadung, East Jakarta, Saturday (12/14).

"We want this place (Equinara) make Jakarta to be noticed in world-class level "

He was welcomed by Adinda Yuanita, the President Director of Equina Global Prima, who also explained the details about racehorse breeding process.

He conveyed, racehorse breeding center facility in Jakarta International Equestrian Park Pulomas should be utilized, especially after Asian Games in Jakarta last year.

"We are in Jakarta feel proud that our city becomes one of the breeding centers for the world class racehorses. Thus our concern is to utilize optimally this world class facility that was used in Asian Games. One of them is to build this breeding center," he explained as mentioned at Jakarta PPID Press Conference.

He is convinced that if this world class facility is equipped with experts in racehorse breeding, then Jakarta could produce world class racehorses.

"We hope it can produce great potential horses and participate in world equestrian. So, this is an industry with a very large economy value, but not so many economic actors take a part in this sector because it is very specific," he mentioned.

Furthermore, he hopes this world class facility can be also used as learning facility for Jakartans.

"We want this place (Equinara) make Jakarta to be noticed in world-class level. Most importantly, young generation such as students and others should use this place to learn thus they would know about the complexity of managing this place in order to ensure the long-term regeneration," he asserted.

Meanwhile, President Director of Equina Global Prima, Adinda Yuanita explained, Equinara Pulomas Breeding Center is the racehorse breeding center only for sport, it means, most horses are bred from equestrian type, especially womblat horses, one of horse races from Europe.

"Horse for sport is a special horse whose breeding has been carried out for centuries of evolution and selective breeding in Europe. Later, selective breeding will be also carried out in this place, thus we will get horses with recognized standards which are registered in Germany, internationally. Then, horses will be used to support national equestrian," she informed.