City Has Anti-Corruption Ambassador and Launches Anti-Corruption Campaign Bus

Reporter : Adriana Megawati | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | December 11th, 2019 11:43 AM 11:43 WIB | Dibaca 310 kali
City Has Anti-Corruption Ambassador and Launches Anti-Corruption Campaign Bus (Foto : Reza Hapiz /

The Jakarta Education Agency, Transportation Agency, KPK and Transjakarta in collaboration with the KPK Republic of Indonesia launched the Anti-Corruption Campaign program throughout the year.

" Corruption prevention must be done early and in schools must be ready to become a zone of integrity and anti-corruption"

It is aimed to follow up on Gubernatorial Regulation number 132/2019 on the Implementation of Anti-Corruption Education.

As the initial stage, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, inaugurated 160 Anti-Corruption ambassadors and led the launch of the Anti-Corruption Campaign Bus in the Balairung, Jakarta City Hall, Tuesday (12/10). "This new round of our efforts to prevent corruption and this responsibility is in line with the Jakarta Provincial Government's commitment to seriously prevent corruption," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

He also realized that the spirit of anti-corruption must be built early. Thus the ecosystem should be developed throughout the year to be become an inventory of value for the future citizens in the future. "Corruption prevention must be done early and in schools must be ready to become a zone of integrity and anti-corruption, as it will create the experience for our sons and daughters and will form a culture of integrity through the process of habituation," he explained.

Education and Community Services Director Giri Syprapdiono appreciated the city's steps, either in terms of regulations or concrete actions through anti-corruption ambassadors and anti-corruption campaign buses. "They (KPK) appreciated it since the first province to replicate KPK buses are city government and their approach around the school. If it is calculated, there are 1,104 elementary schools, 1,095 junior highs schools, 2,652 senior high schools that will have anti-corruption education. So the consequence is more than 4,000 schools will apply it, as this is an investment thus children will have a value of choice not to corrupt," he added.

After the inauguration, those ambassadors who consist of 80 teachers and 80 students would undergo anti-corruption education from school to school. They also planned to hold a campaign through creative ways to foster an anti-corruption culture early on.

The first school chosen was in SMPN 39 Jakarta, Before serving, they have got training and debriefing and are hoped able to spread the spirit of honesty, responsibility, discipline, courage and fairness to students and society at large. Especially for teachers (ambassadors), will be included in training activities and certification of anti-corruption counselors at the KPK.

As for the anti-corruption campaign bus has been specially designed and is completed with anti-corruption campaign materials such as, books, videos, vlogs, films, music, and anti-corruption-themed games. The city is the only region that has its own anti-corruption campaign bus, which is the second bus in Indonesia. Previously, the KPK had used similar buses to hold a campaign.

Unfortunately the Thousand Islands cannot be reached yet. Therefore, they plan to make an anti-corruption corner in the school boat.