City Collaborates with PT. KAI to Realize Jabodetabek Transportation Integration

Reporter : Wuri Setyaningsih | Editor : Maria Inggita | December 9th, 2019 05:35 PM 17:35 WIB | Dibaca 489 kali
City Collaborates with PT. KAI to Realize Jabodetabek Transportation Integration (Foto : Reza Hapiz /

Jakarta Provincial Government through PT. MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) and PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) signed MoU to build a joint venture for Integrated Transportation in Jabodetabek.

" It is our dreams to have integrated public transportation"

This cooperation is needed to facilitate Jakarta Government in improving the integrated intermodal transportation services. MoU signing was directly witnessed by Jakarta Governor, Anies Rasyid Baswedan and BUMN Vice Ministry, Kartika Wirjoatmodjo at Jakarta City Hall, Central Jakarta, Monday (12/9).

In this chance, Anies appreciated all sides involved in the newly formed collaboration between PT. MRT Jakarta and PT. KAI through its subsidiary, PT. Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI) and PT. Railink.

By integrating the transportation in Jabodetabek, his side hopes 1.2 million train passengers and 980 land public transport users can be benefited in it.


"Alhamdulillah, it is the historical moment in Jakarta. It is our dreams to have integrated public transportation. Integration is the key. It means integrated routes, management, and ticketing. We appreciate that integration between transportation modes in Jakarta to reach a new stage. It is the beginning where train and road public transportation in Jakarta will be integrated. It means, millions Jakartans can move from one transport fleets to the others easily," he explained as quoted from Jakarta PPID.

This MoU signing is done to follow up the direction of President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo in Limited Meeting held on January 8, 2019, about management of transportation modes in Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi (Jabodetabek) that should be managed under one authority, that is Jakarta Provincial Government. It means, Jakarta Provincial Government will have control over the ownership structure of the company that will manage the mode of transportation.

"Jakarta Provincial Government feels honored to gain the trust to manage it together. We hope, comprehensive study related to this can be finished immediately. We will ensure it uses World Class concept, not only today, but for the next decades. Because it is not only about building settlement near the station, but we want to change all mindsets in arranging the city. The benchmark of success is not on the agreement that we made later, but when the citizens choose to leave their private vehicles," he conveyed.

In order to be in line with President's direction, Jakarta Government through Governor Regulation regarding the assignment of PT. MRT Jakarta for the establishment of joint venture Jakarta urban railways field, by appointing PT. MRT Jakarta as the side that will manage railroad transportation in Jabodetabek through this cooperation. It will together with PT. Kereta Api Indonesia to form a new company as a joint venture vehicle of integration transportation in Jabodetabek.

"Today, it is signed by the Head of Agreement where PT. MRT and PT. KAI will form a Joint Venture which 51 percent of its ownership is on MRT and 49 percent on KAI that will manage the stations in Jakarta, commuter line, and Railink or airport train. If we combine both train and road public transport passengers, it is more than 2 million people in Jakarta who use public transport when this plan has been realized 100 percent," he asserted.

For information, PT. KAI and PT. MRT Jakarta intends to build new company (New Co) for this cooperation. Initially, New Co will study and implement an integrated transportation as well as TOD development in Jabodetabek based on the transaction plans agreed in MoU.

As a part of Jabodetabek integrated transportation plan, PT. KAI and PT. MRT Jakarta will also develop Transit Oriented Development (TOD). While New Co is built to implement the transaction plans as a part of train integration in Jabodetabek.

The provisions regarding New Co's formation and business activities implementation will be carried out by prioritizing Financial Neutrality for the Parties and New Co., and observing the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations (including provisions relating to Public Service Obligation).

Meanwhile, PT. KAI President Director, Edi Sukmoro also appreciated the cooperation with Jakarta Provincial Government.

"Hopefully, this signing can be realized well. KAI (KRL) Jabodetabek can reach 1,154,000 passengers per day. It means, if we prepare more trains, they don't need to bring cars or motorcycles. So, it is a great cooperation. If it can run well and managed well, it will be a model for other cooperation in other regions besides Jakarta," he added.

This event also attended by Director General of Railways of the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation, Zulfikri; President Director of PT. MRT Jakarta (Perseroda), William P. Sabandar, along with their staffs; Managing Director of PT. Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee, M. Wahid Sutopo; and Jakarta Provincial Government Officials.