City is Ready to Collaborate with JakBee 2019 Winners

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Maria Inggita | December 7th, 2019 06:45 PM 18:45 WIB | Dibaca 226 kali
City is Ready to Collaborate with JakBee 2019 Winners (Foto : Mochamad Tresna Suheryanto /

Jakarta Provincial Government stated to be ready to collaborate with the winners of Baznas (Bazis) Entrepreneur Empowerment (Jakbee) Hackathon 2019.

" We will summon those who have relevant solutions for Jakarta and encourage them to be involved"

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan asserted, business proposals made by junior high and senior high schoolers which are submitted in JakBee 2019 competition can be digitized as a solution to various problems in the community.

"We will summon those who have relevant solutions for Jakarta and encourage them to be involved. Because we use collaboration approach in Jakarta. We want to give co-creator role to the community, while we as the collaborator, and we form a collaboration. Co-creator means people who are participating in creating solutions, innovations then cooperate with us to realize it," he explained as quoted by Jakarta PPID Press Conference, Saturday (12/7).  

He assessed, government is not the only side that has the solution of all problems. He conveyed that mostly the communities that have more practical and relevant solutions.

"Hopefully, many resident's practical needs can be solved through those practical ideas. While government has fiscal authority and ability to raise, multiply, and make its scale higher. But most creation and innovation from communities are up-to-date. Thus, when we collaborate these powers; communities with their creativity, practical innovations and solutions; and government with fiscal authority and ability; it turns out to be very powerful. That is what we do all this time," he mentioned.

Jakarta Baznas (Bazis) Entrepreneur Empowerment (JakBee) or Business Proposal JakBee is a business competition at level of junior high and senior high/vocational school (SMK). In this competition, students are challenged to create business proposal and presented it in front of the jury.

Meanwhile, Hackathon is a competition at college level that challenges the college students to look for technology and application based solutions to handle problems in Jakarta. Committee has set up four categories of crucial problems in Jakarta. Those are health, poverty, public service, and environment.

Winner of this competition created an innovation in form of sensory stick for the blind. This stick helps the blinds to walk without worrying about getting hit because it has a technology to detect things around them.