Anies Hands Over 2020 Jakarta Raperda RAPBD

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Maria Inggita | December 4th, 2019 05:22 PM 17:22 WIB | Dibaca 195 kali
Anies Hands Over 2020 Jakarta Raperda RAPBD (Foto : Mustaqim Amna /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan announced the 2020 Jakarta City Budget Draft (RAPBD) at Jakarta Council (DPRD) plenary meeting, Jakarta DPRD Plenary Meeting Room, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (12/3).

" Those strategic programs or KSD will be continued in 2020"

He symbolically handed over bylaw draft (Raperda) regarding the 2020 City Budget (APBD) to Jakarta DPRD Chairmen.

In his speech, he explained about General Policies in 2020 Jakarta RAPBD, which includes policies on Regional Revenue, Regional Expenditure, and Regional Financing.

He asserted that the APBD would focus on implementing strategic programs that have been detailed in Regional Strategic Activities (KSD). KSD was formed as the realization of 2017-2022 Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) to meet people's basic needs, accelerate the economic growth and improve community welfare.

"Those strategic programs or KSD will be continued in 2020. Thanks to God, some of those strategic programs have been approved. Thus, we hope all programs in KSD could be carried out continuously," he said, as quoted from Jakarta PPID's Press Conference.

For information, the total 2020 Jakarta RAPBD is Rp 87.95 trillion. It increased by 1.22 percent from the revised 2019 APBD as much as Rp 86.89 trillion.

Meanwhile, Regional Revenue Policy will be directed through:

1. Increase in Locally-generated revenue from:

a. Regional Tax Intensification and Extensification

b. Improvement of Regional Retribution Services

c. Policy of Separated Regional Wealth Management Results and Other Legitimated Locally-generated Revenues

2. Balance Funds Management, that is focus on acceleration of profit sharing funds distribution from the central government. Balance Funds have increased slightly, particularly from the Non-Physical Specific Allocation Fund. While Revenue Sharing has decreased. This decline strengthens the argument about the need for Jakarta Government to increase Locally-generated Revenue (PAD)

3. Other Regional Revenue improvements are focused on coordinating the disbursement of MRT grants in accordance with the Manuscript Grant Agreement (NPPH) and grants from Jasa Raharja

Meanwhile for Regional Expenditure Policy is directed by:

1. Focusing on achieving the 2017-2022 RPJMD target, as well as fulfilling the Obligatory Basic Services and Non-Basic Obligatory Affairs including Selected Affairs

2. Supporting strategic events or events that have significant impacts for fulfilling basic needs and improving community welfare

3. Supporting the implementation of development strategy and development policy direction

4. Fulfilling the obligation to provide education and health budgets in accordance with the law

5. Prioritizing expenditure that supports economic growth, increasing the employment opportunities and efforts to alleviate poverty and support national policies

6. Providing assistance in the form of:

a. Food subsidies in the context of providing low-income basic needs for low-income people as well as subsidies in supporting public services

b. Grants, which is given to the central government in order to improve private elementary/junior high/high school/madrasah teachers' welfare as well as grants in the context of land certification and grants that related directly to residents/communities activities;

c. Social assistance for certain social communities in the context of building social capital;

d. Financial assistance, to provide incentives/disincentives to other local governments, especially the Greater Jakarta area in the framework of cooperation/commitment between local governments, as well as to political parties

7. Allocating activities, which are budgeted through a multi-year scheme that has become a joint commitment

8. Providing budget allocations to sectors, which related to the community interests including mandatory affairs related to basic services based on Minimum Service Standards (SPM)

9. Allocating budget for pollution reduction campaign and increasing tourism by holding Formula E international events

In this chance, he also appreciated all sides who have been involved and work well in the preparation of 2020 Jakarta RAPBD.

He hoped that the executive and legislative could finish the regional regulation (Perda) related to the 2020 APBD on time.

"I hope this explanation can help to smooth the discussion at Factions and Commissions meetings, thus the council can consider the regional regulation draft on the 2020 APBD to be approved as Regional Regulation," he asserted.