CFD is Getting Better with Zoning System

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | December 2nd, 2019 01:08 PM 13:08 WIB | Dibaca 343 kali
CFD is Getting Better with Zoning System (Foto : /

The Jakarta Provincial Government's efforts in arranging street vendors (PKL) in the Car Free Day (CFD) event gives a good result.

"And now the situation looks better "

Jakarta Cooperative, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, and Trade (KUKMP) Department Head, Adi Ariantara stated, according to evaluation result, traders arrangement during CFD in November has been done conductively in accordance to the plan.

"It is conducted from November 3, 10, 17 and 24. And now the situation looks better. Besides we also collect traders' data every week during CFD in every zone. Until the fourth week, the red zone has been sterilized," he explained, Monday (12/2).

Although the result is good, his side continues to deploy officers to monitor and collect traders' data.

"They are divided to guard the red, yellow and green zones. There are also some who patrol using bike," he added.

Additionally, his side has provided nine trading spots or called green zones for the traders. From data collecting results, number of traders in CFD is relatively changing.

"This data collection will be used for our evaluation, whether to form a new policy or not," he asserted.

Car Free Day is actually a place for community interaction, social activities, sports and cultural activities.

"In order to accommodate citizens’ needs, we provide nine green zones. Its arrangement is now better, but we will continue to monitor and collect the data by involving Satpol PP and Transportation Department (Dishub)," he said.

Jakarta Satpol PP Head, Arifin mentioned, zoning policy that has been implemented in CFD needs to be monitored in order to ensure the traders in a proper location thus CFD can run well and orderly.

"Despite the security in the field is good, the officers must be strict in enforcing rules, but humanistic in serving people," he added.

Moreover, they would reprimand a group of people whose activities interfere with the others who are exercising.

"We hope all people who are doing activities in this event can maintain cleanliness and public order," he closed.