KI-US Embassy Holds Discussion About Public Information Disclosure

Reporter : Agung Supriyanto | Editor : Maria Inggita | November 22nd, 2019 05:25 PM 17:25 WIB | Dibaca 165 kali
KI-US Embassy Holds Discussion About Public Information Disclosure (Foto : Agung Supriyanto /

Jakarta Information Commission (KI) cooperates with United States Embassy to hold public discussion related to privacy rights and access to public information disclosure at Jakarta KI Office, Graha Mental Spiritual, Jalan Haji Awaluddin II, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

" We discuss the material and substance of Draft Law on Personal Data Protection"

This discussion raises theme of 'Discourse and Harmonization of Personal Data Protection with Law on Public Information Openness to Encourage the Formulation of the PDP Law which is Fair to All' with total 100 participants from representatives of government agencies, non-governmental agencies (LSM)s, and corporations.

Jakarta KI Head, Alamsyah Basri explained, this public discussion's purpose is to give recommendation to government and Commission 1 of Jakarta Council (DPRD) for material strengthening and substance of Draft Law on the Protection of Personal Data (RUU PDP) that is currently compiled by government, both from philosophy and practice aspects in implementing UU PDP or similar laws for the countries who have implemented it, especially those which joined in APEC.  

"We discuss the material and substance of Draft Law on Personal Data Protection (RUU PDP) to be a recommendation to the government," he mentioned, Thursday (11/21).

He explained, Kominfo has compiled RUU PDP with total 74 articles and 15 chapters that will be immediately submitted to DPR RI.

"RUU PDP arranges about definition, types, ownership rights, processing, sending, authorized institutions that regulate personal data, and sanctions," he mentioned.

He explained, RUU draft mentioned that personal data is any data about a person whether identified or can be identified separately or combined with other information, either directly or indirectly through electronic or non-electronic systems.

"Currently, personal data protection regulations in Indonesia are spread to around 32 regulations in various sectors such as finance, health, population, telecommunications, and energy, which are still partial," he conveyed.

Jakarta KI Commissioner as well as the person in charge of discussion, Wa Ode Asmawati added, current growth of electronic and internet system users has not been accompanied by growing public awareness in protecting personal data.

"Thus it needs equality in protecting personal data both nationally and internationally," she told.

Through this discussion, her side hopes there are discourses and ideas in creating harmonization between UU PDP and Law on Openness of Public Information.

"We urge PDP Law draft to be fair thus in the future UU PDP does not interfere with the interests of public information disclosure in the name of privacy protection," she conveyed.

For information, this public discussion invited competent speakers such as Riki Arif Gunawan from Kominfo Ministry; then KI Commissioner, Romanus Ndau; Legislator of Commission 1 DPR RI, Michael Rose; and Huey Tan from APEC-Singapore.