City Ready to Face Rainy Season

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | November 15th, 2019 04:00 PM 16:00 WIB | Dibaca 604 kali
City Ready to Face Rainy Season (Foto : Mochamad Tresna Suheryanto /

Rain that occurs these days is potential to cause inundation and flood. Thus Jakarta Provincial Government prepared itself to be ready in facing problems that could occur during this rainy season.

" This team will work 24 hours to monitor situation"

Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Department and Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) have prepared to face the rainy season.

Jakarta SDA Department Head, Juaini Yusuf has done preventive actions such as building infiltration wells, rain water harvesting, on site detention and dredging 17 rivers and 5 reservoirs in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.

"Those five reservoirs are Pluit Reservoir, Melati Reservoir, Teluk Gong Reservoir, BPP Poncol Reservoir, and Cendrawasih Retention Basin (Embung)," he mentioned, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's conference press, Thursday (11/14).

Moreover, he continued, the SDA has built 987 infiltration wells in five municipalities with total target 1,000 infiltration wells in 2019, then the continuation of National Capital Integrated Coastal Development of Kamal River as long as 2.2 kilometers, river naturalization and revitalization, and reservoir construction in 10 locations, namely Cilangkap Giri Kencana Reservoir, Cimanggis Reservoir, Kp. Rambutan 1 and Kp. Rambutan 2 reservoirs, Pondok Rangon Reservoir, Pekayon Reservoir, Rawa Minyak Reservoir, Lapangan Merah Retention Basin, Semper Barat Cilincing Retention Basin, Cakung Timur Retention Basin, and artificial river as long as 8,274 meters (September 2019).  

With these preventive actions, his side noted there is decrease in number of repeated inundation points.

"There are 242 points reported as repeated inundation points. In 2017-2018, inundation was reported to occur in 30 points and it decreased into 14 points in 2019. We hope it can continue to decrease into 16 locations," he conveyed.

In order to handle inundation and flooding, his side prepared various latest technologies such as providing 133 mobile pumps with capacity of 28,512 m3/sec, 457 stationer pumps in 165 locations with capacity 489,01 m3/sec, 231 sluice gates, amphibian excavator to dredge the reservoir, combi jetting to dredge mud from drainage channel, AWLR (Automatic Water Level Recorder) in 21 locations, 103 Online CCTVs. His side also deployed 7,889 personnel, 260 heavy equipment, and 461 dump trucks.

Moreover, the SDA Department and BPBD also created innovations, especially in accelerating emergency and information access in form of free emergency call 112, Back Up Site Call Center of Jakarta Siaga 112 as the back up if there is disruption on the main call center, Integrated Information System (Siter) App for an integrated reporting system that is integrated with SKPDs related to disaster, Quality Assurance (QA) for Call Center 112 service, and Disaster Safe School/Madrasah program.

Jakarta BPBD Head, Subejo said, his side improved BPBD service by using information technology such as providing disaster warning system (DWS) in several urban villages that prone to flood, SMS Blast as the early warning to the residents who live near the riverbanks, and Jakarta Aman app with emergency button and report button as one of public complaint channels that integrated with Call Center 112.

Next, his side also provides Pena Berkarib ( together to reduce disaster risk). It is a platform that collects real time information from communities (crowdsourcing) related to flood information, such as from twitter, telegram, and Qlue.

Regarding disaster handling, his side has formed Disaster Handling Support Team led by echelon III officials based on each regions.

"This team will work 24 hours to monitor situation in disaster locations and handle the situation when disaster occurred. They will distribute assistance to the locations and coordinate with related SKPDs and NGO/volunteer to handle flood," he explained.

He reminds residents to pay attention to early disaster information that is usually spread by the BMKG or BPBD through electric media or social media.

"Please contact our Call Center 112 or Jakarta Aman app to report emergency events around you," he conveyed.