Four RPTRAs in Central Jakarta Inaugurated

Reporter : Agung Supriyanto | Editor : Maria Inggita | November 14th, 2019 04:55 PM 16:55 WIB | Dibaca 325 kali
Four RPTRAs in Central Jakarta Inaugurated (Foto : Agung Supriyanto /

Central Jakarta Mayor, Bayu Meghantara inaugurated four children-friendly integrated public spaces (RTPRA)s symbolically at the Planet Senen RPTRA, Jalan Pasar Senen Dalam VIII, Senen, Central Jakarta.

"Thus, in this year, we have total 50 RPTRAs in Central Jakarta "

Those inaugurated RPTRAs are Planet Senen RPTRA, Matahari RPTRA in Cempaka Putih Tiimur Urban Village, An-Nur RPTRA in Paseban Urban Village, and Rawasari Ceria RPTRA in Rawa Sari Urban Village.

"In December, we'll also inaugurate the other one. Thus, in this year, we have total 50 RPTRAs in Central Jakarta," he conveyed, Thursday (11/14).

He detailed the Planet Senen RPTRA is built on a 951-square-meter wide land, Rawasari Ceria RPTRA on a 510-square-meter wide land, Matahari RPTRA on a 475-square-meter wide land and An-Nir RPTRA on a 334-square-meter wide land.

"They are built in densely populated areas to fulfill elderly and children's rights," he conveyed.

Moreover, they also have playground, sport facilities, library and toilet for people with disabilities.

"We build them by showing its local culture. Hopefully all RPTRAs can be used optimally and taken care by the residents," he explained.