None Jakarta Must Expand Network

Reporter : Agung Supriyanto | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | October 31st, 2019 01:38 PM 13:38 WIB | Dibaca 155 kali
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The Jakarta Regional Representatives Council (DPD) Senator Sylviana Murni wants None Jakarta to have a wide network.

" Must be able to be a good public relation"

It is very important in order to carry out his duties not only as a tourism ambassador, but also to take part in socializing development programs.

"Must be able to be a good public relation. They need to master the development of digital technology, either to get information or to share information about the interesting side of Jakarta," she stated, who had won the None Jakarta title in 1981. Thursday (31/10).

She explained, None Jakarta must be able to have good communication with all groups, including, government officials and senators ranging from local, national to international levels.

"I want them to also have multitasking management skills," she stressed.

They have the obligation to maintain and preserve Betawi culture to increase the love of local wisdom.

"And must also be the frontline in preserving and developing Betawi art and culture," she stated.