Sumpah Pemuda, Anies Emphasizes Justice Policy in Jakarta

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | October 28th, 2019 03:01 PM 15:01 WIB | Dibaca 299 kali
Sumpah Pemuda, Anies Emphasizes Justice Policy in Jakarta (Foto : Mustaqim Amna /

The Jakarta Provincial Government held a ceremony to commemorate the Sumpah Pemuda's 91st (Youth Pledge) at Silang Monas Selatan Field, Central Jakarta, on Monday (28/10).

" If it happens, it will create a unity"

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan as a ceremony inspector read out the speech of the Youth and Sports Minister and the text of the Pancasila.

In the ceremony themed "Bersatu Kita Maju", he asserted that the city's duty today is to maintain unity by bringing justice to all citizens of Jakarta.

One of the most important ways is to present a feeling of justice that is by interpreting and continuing the spirit and struggle of the Sumpah Pemuda in uniting the nation and state of Indonesia.

"In the past, young people managed to find the challenges of their era, namely to form unity, so our challenge now is to bring justice. Where to start? Of all kinds of policies, equality becomes very important. It is because difficult to build unity in inequality and injustice," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

He added existing policies must be policies that encourage a sense of justice, either from the formulation or the implementation stage. Surely it must be done with serious efforts from the government and society. I hope that this moment can be truly a reminder for all parties.

"If it happens, it will create a unity. Moreover, our demand for independence is to bring social justice to all people. Our biggest challenge is to maintain unity, it must be maintained," he explained.

All parties must continue to develop Indonesian as a unifying language. Thus Indonesian becomes a language that is richer in vocabulary and more developed.

The way is by absorbing city vocabulary from various local languages in Indonesia. Local languages have extraordinary diction, and can potentially be absorbed into Indonesian wealth as Indonesian.

"In 1928, the biggest challenge of this nation is to build a spirit of nationalism and unity. Because at that time there was indeed no country in Indonesian, which was, still an ideal. One of the most important sentences is to formulate the language of unity, Indonesian. At the bottom sentence, its location is in Jakarta. At that time there were indeed still many concepts about this archipelago region," he explained.

He furthered, developing Indonesian, as a language of unity is one way to maintain unity in Indonesia, including in the capital city of Jakarta.

"At that time they formulated Indonesian as a tool to unite and run very effectively. To this day, with the unity language, Indonesian, so many things in Indonesia can be resolved much easier. Thus our union will continue to be maintained through language. So the language must develop," he furthered.

At the same time, he handed over the Award Charter to three students who were chosen as the Pioneer Students of Jakarta Provincial Road Traffic Safety in 2019. They were Muhammad Bintang Iftitah from SMAN Unggulan MH Thamrin Jakarta as the first champion, followed by Azahra Ullum from SMKN 8 and Muhammad Arif from Jakarta SMAN 62.

As for the information the ceremony was also attended by civil servants, City Secretary Saefullah, Jakarta Youth and Sports Agency Head Ahmad Firdaus acting as ceremony officer, Jakarta TP PKK Chairperson Fery Farhati Ganis, Jakarta officials and DPRD officials.

There were also Forkominfo members, representatives of PKK caretakers and members, Dharma Wanita Persatuan, representatives of National Army (TNI) and police elements, Tagana and mass organizations. While the Jakarta National Flag Hoisting Team (Paskibraka) chosen to fly the flag in this ceremony and Indonesian Purna Paskibra in charge of reading the Decree of the Indonesian Youth Congress was Gusein Andreas.

As for the Music Corps originating from Jakarta Fire and Rescue Agency in charge of accompanying the Choir came from the Jakarta Youth Choir. They performed several songs, including Indonesia Pusaka and Bangun Pemudi Pemuda. It was also enlivened by the appearance of the Betawi Creation Dance Drama with the theme "Kembalinya Sang Jawara" translated into "The Return of The Champion" performed by Purna Parkarya Muda Indonesia.