Kembangan Sub-district Turns Vacant Land into Bicycle Park

Reporter : Rudi Hermawan | Editor : Maria Inggita | October 24th, 2019 04:30 PM 16:30 WIB | Dibaca 357 kali
Kembangan Sub-district Turns Vacant Land into Bicycle Park (Foto : Rudi Hermawan /

West Jakarta Administration turns vacant land on Jalan Intan Blok F6, Meruya Utara located behind Kembangan Sub-district Office into bicycle park.

" Residents are enthused welcoming this plan to be realized"

This land is owned by Jakarta Regional Asset Management Agency (BPAD). Previously, this 400-square meters land was used as parking area and dump site for building debris. Then local sub-district together with residents collaborates to build bicycle park on this land.

Kembangan Sub-district Head, Joko Mulyono mentioned, his side together with bicycle community and local residents agreed to make this area as bicycle park because children who live in this area don't have appropriate area for cycling.

"Residents are enthused welcoming this plan to be realized. Because their children don't need to go outside of complex to go cycling anymore. We start to build it from mid of October and its progress to reach around 40 percent by now," he explained, Thursday (10/24).

In this bicycle park, his side plans to build bicycle track as long as 700 meters which is divided for beginner and professional. Then bicycle parking area with capacity 20 bicycles and fish pond where people can harvest tilapia fish.

He mentioned, this bicycle park is built using self-funding from the locals and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund that involves Public Facility Maintenance (PPSU) and Other Individual Service Providers (PJLP) personnel from West Jakarta Bina Marga Sub-department and Water Resources (SDA) Sub-department to build it.

"If there are remaining concrete curbs or concrete material, we use it for road paving in here. Personnel also help to build this bicycle park after they finished their work or ended the work shift," he mentioned.