Two Years of Anies Baswedan Serving as Governor

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Two Years of Anies Baswedan Serving as Governor (Foto : Reza Hapiz /

Jakarta is filled with millions of people with very diverse thoughts and perspectives. Solutions may appear from anywhere.


" The New Face of Jakarta is in line with the concept of City 4.0"

Jakarta Provincial Government realizes this potential by encouraging the creation of collaboration, in order to achieve the advanced and happy citizens, the New Face of Jakarta.


As quoted from the press release of the Jakarta PPID, Tuesday (10/15), the New Face of Jakarta is in line with the concept of City 4.0, with the main principle that the Government is a collaborator and citizens become co-creators. Therefore, the Jakarta Provincial Government is serious in working on the development process by presenting changes in reality, not in perception.


To realize this New Face of Jakarta, there are several flagship programs of the Jakarta Provincial Government that have been running for two years during Anies Baswedan serving as governor.


The fourteen flagship programs are improving the sidewalk, integrating transportation, building city parks, zero downpayment houses, distributing welfare cards, distributing cheap food, protecting women and children, various prestigious performances, supplementary food programs for school children, expanding recipients the benefits of land and building tax freeing, asphalting village (kampung) roads, the accessibility of Pulau Seribu, and grants for PAUD teachers.


Talking about improving sidewalk, Jakarta Provincial Government has been revitalizing sidewalk along 134 kilometers for two years. The number would escalates since the government eyes another 47 kilometers up to 2020.


Arrangement of the sidewalk will also be equipped with various facilities, namely sloping and guide tiles, elevators for pregnant women, the elderly and persons with disabilities, security facilities in the form of CCTV and Satpol PP personnel, and pelican crossing. This sidewalk is also integrated with Transjakarta buses, MRT and LRT. Meanwhile the Sudirman - Thamrin corridor has been equipped with way finding.


In transportation, the Jakarta Provincial Government is seriously making improvements to intermodal integration. This was done by increasing the number of Transjakarta routes, from 109 in 2017 to 220 in 2019. The number of fleets were also increased from 2,380 in 2017 to 3,548 in 2019.


In addition, transportation modes in Jakarta have also become more integrated through the Jak Lingko program, which is connected to the MRT and LRT. During the public test of June 11 - October 13, 2019, the LRT had served 798,000 passengers.


With this refinement step, the use of public transportation has increased rapidly, as in the last two years, the number of Transjakarta passengers has almost doubled to around 640,000 people per day. In comparison, since the program began in 2004 until 2017 the average number of daily passengers was only around 300,000 passengers per day.


Sidewalk facilities and transportation integration are more complete with the presence of city parks. The Jakarta Provincial Government has launched the 60 Taman Maju Bersama (TMB) park program from 2017 to 2019, with a target of 200 parks until 2022.


The principles of TMB are collaborative, child-friendly and multifunctional. The parks that are scattered in various regions in Jakarta also provide various kinds of facilities, such as sports fields, multifunctional fields, multipurpose buildings, gazebos, pharmacy zones, gymnastics areas and jogging tracks.


To ensure the equalization of citizens' welfare, the Jakarta Provincial Government is working on a number of integrated programs. In the case of procuring decent and affordable housing, a DP 0 Rupiah (zero downpayment) house in Nuansa Pondok Kelapa is built completely with a total of 780 units by 2019.


With an installment price range from Rp 1.1 million - Rp 2.2 million per month for 20 years, residents have been able to get a house for the type of studio, 1 room or 2 rooms. The facilities available at Rumah DP 0 Rupiah are also fairly complete, consisting of lifts, parks, worship spaces, open spaces, occupant parking and Transjakarta bus services.


Along with the high enthusiasm, the planned location of the next project will be in the Cilangkap, ‚Äč‚ÄčEast Jakarta.


Jakarta Provincial Government also introduced six types of Welfare Cards in the last two years. First, is the Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) Plus which provides an education fund of Rp.250,000 - Rp.450,000 per month, according to the level of education.


This program has been received by 860,397 students in 2019. Secondly, the Jakarta Excellence Student Card (KJMU) provides education funds for univeristy students in the amount of Rp. 9 million/semester.


The recipients of this card consisted of 5,061 students in 90 state universities. Third is the Jakarta Workers' Card (KPJ), which provides benefits to take Transjakarta bus free, get subsidized food, become JakGrosir participants, and the son of the owner of KPJ is automatically gets KJP Plus.


The recipients of this card in 2019 are 17,934 workers. Fourth is the Jakarta Disability Card (KPDJ), which provides financial benefits of Rp. 300,000/month and has been received by 7,137 people.


The fifth is the Jakarta Elderly Card (KLJ) which provides financial benefits of Rp.600,000/month and has been received by 40,419 elderly per 2019.


In Cheap Food, Jakarta social assistance card holders can get food worth Rp.350 thousand worth in the market by only paying Rp.126 thousand.


For this program, the distribution has also been expanded in several locations, such as grocery stores, markets, RPTRA (on schedule) and flat (on schedule).


The subsidized products are rice Rp 30,000/5kg; beef Rp 35,000/kg; egg Rp 10,000/tray, chicken Rp 8,000, chub mackerel fish Rp 13,000/kg, milk Rp 30,000/carton (there are 24 packs @200 ml).


Jakarta Provincial Government is also seriously committed to protecting women and children, by establishing a Women's and Child Violence Prevention Facility consisting of four Rumah Aman (safe house)s, 19 Complaints Posts, the Jakarta Safe Alert 112 application in collaboration with the Jakarta Police, 24-hour Rapid Reaction Unit and eight free Integrated Service Center/PPT.


This effort has resulted in a reduction in the number of violence against women and children, by more than 50 percent in 2019. With this achievement, in the same year, Jakarta Provincial Government won the Decent City of Children from the Save the Children International Institution for the first time.


The children also get the attention. To improve children's nutrition, the Jakarta Provincial Government has a School Supplementary Food Supplement Program (PMTAS) launched in 2018, with a total outreach of 144,223 children in 456 schools throughout Jakarta.


The price of food packages is Rp.10,890 per child, and is given every day at school. There are 29 menu variants provided by the PMTAS program, including bread, UHT milk, onde-onde, green bean porridge, fruit pudding, fruits, egg martabak and egg omelette.


Jakarta Provincial Government collaborates with school committees and empowers local traders to become supplementary food packages for school children. The budget for PMTAS in 2019 is valued at Rp.324 billion.


Jakarta Provincial Government is committed to pay attention to the welfare of all its citizens, including early childhood education teachers (PAUD).


Therefore, Jakarta Provincial Government then distributed PAUD Teacher Grants Funds that are channeled through the Association of Education and Early Childhood Education Personnel (Himpaudi).


As of September 2019, there were 5,702 teachers who had received grants totaling Rp. 500 thousand per person per month. The Jakarta Provincial Government has also budgeted Rp.40.3 billion in the Revised Budget.


In the case of Land and Building Tax (PBB) amnesty, Jakarta Provincial Government has a program to exempt land and building tax (PBB) for teachers, retired ASNs, retired army/police, independence heroes and former President/Vice President. As of September 2019, 19,929 tax objects were free from its PBB with total value of Rp.180.4 billion.


The tax exemption program for teachers, retired civil servants and retired army/police is valid for up to 2 generations below, while for heroes and recipients of honors from the President, is valid for up to 3 generations below.


Equitable distribution and revitalization of facilities, also reaching the village area, through the Kampung Street Pavement program. There are some asphalting done in many villages which are completed by the addition of public street lighting (PJU) with the aim of increasing the infrastructure feasibility of Jakarta's villages.


Meanwhile, to improve the Thousand Islands Accessibility, Jakarta Provincial Government has added six inter-island fleet vessels with fiber speedboats with main routes including, Muara Angke - Untung Jawa - Lancang (PP) - Tidung twice a day; Muara Angke - Pari - Scouts (PP) twice a day; Muara Angke - Coconut - Sabira (PP) once a day at a rate of Rp 40,000 - Rp 70,000. It is done in the past two years.


The ship owned by the Jakarta Transportation Agency also has several facilities, namely toilets, TVs, air conditioners and seats according to the booking and better safety, and disability access (wheelchair).


With the addition of the fleet in the Thousand Islands, inter-island access is even easier. For example, a trip from Sebira Island to North Jakarta, which was usually reached in 8 hours, now the trip can be cut to 2.5 hours.


In order to make Jakarta a modern with character city which is in accordance with the concept of City 4.0, Jakarta Provincial Government also holds a variety of performances and culture, including;


a. JIPFEST, Jakarta International Photo Festival which was held for the first time.


b. Jakarta International Folklore Festival 2019. Performance of 22 archipelago cultures and 7 international cultures.


c. Musik Tepi Barat. Music bands that performed in several locations on Jalan Sudirman and Thamrin.


d. The Great Concert of Monas. First Art collaboration concert in Jakarta's public open space.


e. Jakarta Muharram Festival. Commemoration of the first Islamic new year, with 1,000 electric torch marches.


f. Dapur Qurban DKI. Sharing processed meat dishes from five-star hotel chefs, for underprivileged residents.


g. Mural Art. A mural that shows Jakarta's New Face.


Jakarta will also host the Jakarta E-Prix which is a Formula E race in 2020.


The commitment of the Jakarta Provincial Government to form the New Face of Jakarta in accordance with the concept of City 4.0, has resulted in various awards. Among them are the Child Friendly City award (KemenPPPA), Mutual Language (Kemendikbud), Employment Development Achievement Index (INTEGRA - Kemenakertrans), Fair Opinion without Exception 2 years in a row (BPK), Provinces with Health Coverage for Citizens above 95 percent (Universal Health Care) from BPJS Health, the Regional Government with the Best Gratification Control System (KPK RI) Province with the Best Democracy Index (BPS), 2018 Investment Award (BAPPENAS), and PTSP Third Best Province in Indonesia - (BKPM).


Next are the Geo Innovation Award (ESRI), 2019 Child-Friendly Province Pioneers (KemenPPPA), four Awards in the Labor Development Index (Kemenakertrans), Child Care Local Government (KPAI), Best TPID in the Province of Java and Bali (Bank Indonesia), Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency (BAPETEN) Award 2019, Golden Award (SIWO PWI), Improved quality of early childhood services (NGO International Save the Children Indonesia) and Merit Award for Best Planning of the Year from the Singapore Institute of Planners.


All of the programs that have been and will be carried out over the past two years, aim to realize a New Face of Jakarta that is dedicated, caring, collaborating and embracing.