Anies: City Works Non-Stop During and After Demonstration

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Maria Inggita | September 26th, 2019 12:51 PM 12:51 WIB | Dibaca 217 kali
Anies: City Works Non-Stop During and After Demonstration (Foto : Mustaqim Amna /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan instructed Jakarta Government apparatuses to work fast in assisting each departments in maintaining the condition in Jakarta to remain safe both during the demonstration at DPR/MPR RI building and after the demonstration.

" Yesterday, we deployed 40 ambulances and more than 100 paramedics on the field"

"So, last night, all related Jakarta Government apparatuses, both in city administrative and departments, especially in health and environment department, are working non-stop. I have checked personnel who work on the field until around mid night. Today, they survey the location to know public facilities that should be repaired. Jakarta Government still has budget to do maintenance on damaged plants, so we can fix it later," Anies said in Press Conference done at DPR/MPR Building, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (9/25), as quoted from Jakata PPID Press Conference.

Jakarta Health Department has provided their best health service and facility to help injured people during the demonstration on the location and after demonstration by giving medical treatment in public hospitals (RSUD) owned by Jakarta Government.

"Yesterday, we deployed 40 ambulances and more than 100 paramedics on the field," she mentioned.

Anies explained, numbers of injured protesters have been treated well with their best health service in public hospitals that have been prepared before, including RSUD owned by Jakarta Government.

"Last night, there were 273 people were treated at Public Hospital. We have prepared 24 hospitals to treat them. Most injured people were taken to Navy (TNIAL) Hospital Mintohardjo and Pertaminal Hospital. Per last night, most patients are ready to go home," he mentioned.

Last night, his side visited several patients at Kebayoran Baru RSUD.

"I have visited several patients. Most of them complained about shortness of breath and low blood pressure due to fatigue. Most of them can go home, but there are three patients that should be operated due to bleeding in blood membrane, brain bleeding, and spinal trauma," he explained.

Until Wednesday (9/25) at 1 PM, he added, as many as 14 patients are still treated in several hospitals.

"In these conditions, we respond it fast and cover patient's health service and treatment cost. Most of patients are college students. But we need to check them one by one to ensure it. Last night, most patients I visited are college students," he informed.

In the other hand, Jakarta Environment Department also provides mobile toilet car facility and PPSU personnel to clean up areas near the location where demonstration was held.

"Environment Department deployed mobile toilet car on the location. Last night, all Environment Department teams work from midnight to 7 AM to clean up all facilities near the location. More than 100 personnel who were deployed to clean up using 10 road sweepers and two compactor trucks. They collected more than 17 tons of garbage with volume 80 cubic meters. Alhamdulillah, all spots are clean by this morning. Thus residents can perform their daily activities. Insya Allah, all can be returned to normal," he asserted.