Anies Inaugurates the First JakGrosir in Thousand Islands

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | September 22nd, 2019 08:35 PM 20:35 WIB | Dibaca 194 kali
Anies Inaugurates the First JakGrosir in Thousand Islands (Foto : Suparni /

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan inaugurates the first JakGrosir wholesale market at the JakGrosir Building on Tidung Kecil Island, Thousand Islands, on Sunday (9/22).  

" Alhamdulillah, we finally have JakGrosir in Thousand Islands today"

Anies asserted that its existence aims to control the price of basic necessities, which is known to be still quite expensive, compared to prices in mainland Jakarta. With this JakGrosir, the local people can shop for food needs at affordable prices.

He hopes that in the future more equality will be realized in meeting quality and affordable basic need, especially food.

"Alhamdulillah, we finally have JakGrosir in Thousand Islands today. Its existence can guarantee needs, especially food needs for people in the archipelago," he expressed as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

It has indeed become one of the Jakarta Provincial Government's priority programs. This is a manifestation of the main capital control inflation strategy implemented by the Jakarta Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID). Lower prices for supply of goods received by traders are hoped to be followed by lower and more stable prices at the consumer level in order to support the controlled inflation in the capital.

"All this time the problem they face is expensive basic needs, as transportation costs are quite high. I hope our JakGrosir could solve it. In the future, we will build more in accordance with the needs of the population distribution on islands. I hope that the ecosystem here will grow healthy. I want the regent and UMKM Agency to ensure that economic growth here runs healthier with the existence of JakGrosir," he added.

Perumda Pasar Jaya President Director, Arief Nasrudin uttered, through JakGrosir, traders can get goods at cheap and competitive prices. It is expected to be present in other regions or islands. That way, the distribution of cheap food can more quickly reach the community.

For its own sales target are traders. In addition, the KJP holders, PHL, PPSU, disabled people and elderly people will also get cheap subsidized food. By so, it is hoped able to prosper them.

In addition, its existence also opens up employment opportunities whereby the employees take priority is residents of the island. It will open every day at 7.30 AM to 5 PM.