Jakarta Maritime Festival, Anies Emphasizes to Preserve Jakarta's Marine Potential

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | September 22nd, 2019 05:56 PM 17:56 WIB | Dibaca 208 kali
Jakarta Maritime Festival, Anies Emphasizes to Preserve Jakarta's Marine Potential (Foto : Suparni / Beritajakarta.id)

The Jakarta Provincial Government is holding the Jakarta Maritime Festival for two days from September 21-22 on Tidung Island, Pramuka Island and Pari Island, Thousand Islands District.

" Alhamdulillah, the peak of the event in Jakarta went smoothly"

As planned, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan will have the opportunity to attend the peak of the event and close it today evening.

On his speech, he said that this festival is a promotional event for marine tourism that promotes education and conservation. It is hoped to create awareness of all parties in conservation efforts, including the protection and sustainable use of marine resources and fisheries, as well as the utilization of marine potential in Jakarta.

"Alhamdulillah, the peak of the event in Jakarta went smoothly. It is very important for us in an island country to intensively promote marine activities and to encourage more people to do activities on the coast and related to livelihoods. Then, specifically here, we need to promote tourism of Thousand Islands," Anies expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

Jakarta is a city that started from the coast. That is why the Jakarta Provincial Government will encourage more activities to make the coastal position more important in which the increase in tourists must be in line with environmentally friendly tourism. Therefore, they are committed to conservation and rehabilitation of marine ecosystems.

"InsyaAllah, after the design is complete, the North Jakarta coastal parts will again become an area that is felt by the people everyday. Hence, today's activity is an important activity for all of us to start a new chapter. Thank you, Jakarta Tourism Forum, hopefully our ideas can be realized immediately. Especially for the Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security Agency, we must interact more with the community, especially with those who have an interest in marine activities," he explained.

As for the information, the Jakarta Maritime Festival is a step forward for a million steps ahead that will be driven as a form of the city's commitment in carrying out conservation and rehabilitation of marine ecosystems through planting 1,000,000 seeds of mangrove, 1,500,000 seeds of coral and 2,400,000 seeds of fish as a form of fish restocking. This will be packed with various activities, namely underwater photo competition, coastal cultural photo competition, enjoying open water swimming with swimming competition as long as 700 meters and ornamental boat competition.

"Yesterday we did a trash cleanup action, planted mangroves, coral reefs and released fish, as well as held entertainment activities and various competitions. Hopefully this is the beginning for us to pay more attention to the environment, as it is part of our main task at the center of marine cultivation and conservation in Thousand Islands," stated Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security Agency Head, Darjamuni.

This event also aspires to leave a legacy of sustainable environmental sustainability, an environmentally friendly community culture and a culture of tourism-conscious society. The Love Our Ocean concept campaigns for the movement with the jargon of ASIK (Anti-Trash Plastic), the ASIK Generation Goes to Thousand Islands. This is an invitation to love the sea through marine conservation activities through beach and sea cleanup activities with the ASIK slogan.

It is also enlivened by the Oceanic Folk Festival (OFF) that meets the maritime culture of the international community from Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific with the culture in Jakarta. In addition, Betawi arts are also performed, such as Betawi Wayang Wayang and Tanjidor Brass Band, as well as UKM Bazaar on Tidung Island, Pramuka Island and Pari/Lancang Island.