Maritime Festival This Weekend, Be There!

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Maria Inggita | September 20th, 2019 01:07 PM 13:07 WIB | Dibaca 172 kali
Maritime Festival This Weekend, Be There! (Foto : /

Jakarta Dept. of Food Tenacity, Maritime and Agriculture (KPKP) is about to hold Festival Bahari (Maritime Festival) on September 21-22, 2019 on Tidung Island, Pramuka Island, and Pari Island.

" I hope we will witness the beauty of our sea"

The festival invites people to enjoy the scenery of under the sea of Seribu Islands.

Jakarta KPKP Head, Darjamuni, said the festival will be the people's party by flocking the beach and snorkeling.

This year festival is themed 'Love Our Ocean'. It will expose the sea conservation through underwater photo competition, coastal culture photo competition, and open water swimming competition.

"I hope we will witness the beauty of our sea," he said, Thursday (9/19).

According to him, Jakarta Provincial Government sets price Rp 100 million totally for the winners.

Festival Bahari is also held to realize Indonesia as the world's maritime center. Jakarta Provincial Government decides Regional Strategic Activity (KSD) as listed in Governor Decree No. 1041/2018 about Regional Strategic Activity List, that is making Seribu Islands as Center of Conservation.

"Not only competition, the festival will also hold underwater cleaning, planting mangrove, and coral transplantation," he closed.