Lebaran Anak Yatim, 200 Orphans Have Fun at Ragunan Zoo

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Maria Inggita | September 14th, 2019 10:45 PM 22:45 WIB | Dibaca 261 kali
Lebaran Anak Yatim, 200 Orphans Have Fun at Ragunan Zoo (Foto : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar / Beritajakarta.id)

200 orphans showed their happy faces while having a tour to Ragunan Zoo (TMR), Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

" We invite 200 orphans for recreation in Ragunan"

Those orphans were from eight orphanages in South Jakarta who were invited by Jakarta Government and Baznas Bazis to join Wisata Ceria to Ragunan Zoo for Lebaran Anak Yatim event.  

"We invite 200 orphans for recreation in Ragunan. They are not only go to Ragunan, but also having lunch together and fund assistance," stated Parjo, Wisata Ceria Coordinator from Jakarta Baznas Bazis, Saturday (9/14).

According to him, this event was held to give orphans, especially who live in South Jakarta, a chance to enjoy facilities owned by Jakarta Government, such as Ragunan Zoo.

Meanwhile, South Jakarta Social Sub-department Acting Head (Plt), Mursidin appreciates this event and hopes orphans to be happy learning various animals and enjoy their weekend.

"Hopefully they can enjoy their weekend," he added.

One of the participants, Muhammad Abu Iya Allawi (15), an orphan from Nurul Hasanah Orphanage in Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta admitted, this was his first time visiting Ragunan Zoo.

"I haven't visited Ragunan before. So, this is my first time. I'm very excited. Alhamdulillah. I want to play and see rare animals in here," he expressed.

Other participants, Muhammad Abdullah Al Mubarak (17) from the same orphanage, also felt the same.

"I am very happy to be invited in here. Now, I have experience like the other children. I want to see animals that I haven't seen before," he mentioned.

Meanwhile, Ragunan Zoo Head, Widodo welcomed Wisata Ceria activity that was held as a part of Lebaran Anak Yatim. According to him, this event shows Jakarta Government's concern towards orphans in Jakarta.

"It is a great event. It is a form of our concern towards orphans," he conveyed.