Anies Appreciates New Innovation Through Lebaran Anak Yatim and Berbagi Piring Programs

Reporter : Wuri Setyaningsih | Editor : Maria Inggita | September 14th, 2019 10:40 PM 22:40 WIB | Dibaca 224 kali
Anies Appreciates New Innovation Through Lebaran Anak Yatim and Berbagi Piring Programs (Foto : Wuri Setyaningsih /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan launched Lebaran Anak Yatim and Berbagi Piring Programs at Lagoon Beach, Ancol, North Jakarta, Saturday (9/14).

" This is our job to help the poor"

According to Anies, these programs should be appreciated highly since it is the newest innovation in giving alms to orphans and dhuafa (poor people).

"When we are talking about assisting the orphans, it is a role that lasted thousands of years. Its consequence is, we often do it in the same way. Today, we are entering the new stage, innovation, where we use different way in helping orphans. It means we are improved in overcoming change by collaborating with various parties," he stated in his welcoming speech as quoted from Jakarta PPID.

For information, Lebaran Anak Yatim was divided into two segments. First was inviting 4,200 orphans to have lunch together in 59 restaurants in Jakarta. Second was called Wisata Ceria by inviting 1,000 orphans and their companions to take a trip to tourist destinations in Jakarta such as Ragunan Zoo and Ancol. They will play together with public figures and young artists.

The interesting part is these programs will be done directly by Anies and other officials such as mayors, regent, sub-district and urban village heads that could be the inspirational role model for those orphans.

He also gives appreciations to all related sides in Lebaran Anak Yatim and Berbagi Piring programs such as Jakarta Baznas Bazis, ANTV, restaurants and stalls owners, and residents who are involved as donators in Berbagi Piring program.

"This is our job to help the poor. Everybody can join us to be a donator, including restaurant and food stalls that will be facilitators. We appreciate all related sides, including food stalls and restaurant owners. Hopefully their business to run well and become success," he expressed.

For information, Lebaran Anak Yatim is often conducted to commemorate Muharram in Jakarta, but this year's concept involved orphans from different religion and ethnic groups by giving them a chance to take a part in this event.

Meanwhile, Berbagi Piring is a food sharing program that involves private sectors and residents. There are 1,000 'plates' or portion of foods distributed to related food stalls every day.

At first, there are 240 food stalls who are participating in this event. Even they also donate several 'plates' in their own stalls every day.

Jakarta Baznas Bazis will select poor people to get benefit from this program based on data from Jakarta Social Department and local RT/RW, especially those who have social security card such as Jakarta Elderly Card (KLJ) and Jakarta Disability Card (KPDJ).

Those card will be installed with 'Bagii Piring' QR Code that an be used by its users to get free meal in food stalls that have cooperated with this program.