JMF Brings Blessing for Its Culinary Sellers

Reporter : Adriana Megawati | Editor : Maria Inggita | August 31st, 2019 11:56 PM 23:56 WIB | Dibaca 247 kali
JMF Brings Blessing for Its Culinary Sellers (Foto : Adriana Megawati /

The Jakarta Muharram Festival (JMF) held by Jakarta Provincial Government to commemorate Islamic New Year 1441 Hijriah brought blessing for culinary seller at the event.

" We started selling at 5.30 PM"

One of sellers under South Jakarta Sub-dept. of Small and Medium Cooperative (KUKMP) was Heni (40). She sold her food at Halal Food Festival on Jalan Kebon Kacang, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

At her booth, JMF's visitors lined up to taste her grilled sausage and pot ice cream. Heni opened the booth together with his husband, Jhony.

"We started selling at 5.30 PM. Visitors then suddenly lined up to buy," she said, Saturday (8/31).

According to her, she only brought 20 packs of sausage and two boxes of ice cream to be sold at Halal Food Festival.

"Pot ice cream is sold at Rp 10 thousand, Rp 12 thousand for grave ice cream, and Rp 10 thousand for barbeque or mayonnaise grilled sausage," she explained.

Heni felt grateful to be involved in this event. He knew the event since three days ago from the agency.

"Tent is free. Our target is not quite much, just 150 buyers only," she admitted.

At the same place, Devi (35), citizen of Koja, North Jakarta appreciated the event much. Especially for the Halal Food Festival which presented various halal culinaries.

"JMF was already in our schedule, so we are here now. Ice cream is my son's favorite. This ice cream price is cheap also," she stated.