Anies Wants Jakartans to Maintain Unity

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Maria Inggita | August 24th, 2019 08:53 PM 20:53 WIB | Dibaca 271 kali
Anies Wants Jakartans to Maintain Unity (Foto : Dadang Kusuma Wira Putra /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan attended Nation Mixing Forum, Cultural Performance, and Kuliner Etnik Nusantara Festival held at Monas, Central Jakarta on Saturday (8/24).

" Indonesian people have different backgrounds, but its uniqueness is not because of their diversity, but its unity"

In his speech, Anies said Jakarta is a knot of unity in Indonesia since many of Indonesian races and ethnics are gathered in this city. Because of that, he wants Jakartans who have different cultures can can establish the national unity.

"Indonesian people have different backgrounds, but its uniqueness is not because of their diversity, but its unity. Thus we need to encourage our people to always maintain this unity. Because that is what makes us unique," he asserted as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Conference.

He also ensures Jakarta Government to support this forum thus it can be better in maintaining the unity.

"Especially for Nation Mixing Forum. Kesbangpol will also support this forum and we hope Jakarta can be the host. Next year, we will discuss it further because not only location is important, but also its social interaction," he stated.

In this event, representative from Nation Mixing Forum conveyed about four forum agreements that is submitted to Anies Baswedan as the governor. Those are:

1. Ready to be a pillar, the vanguard of national integration in order to maintain the integrity of Republic of Indonesia

2. Promised to be loyal to Pancasila as the basis of Republic of Indonesia and increase the sense of unity and national unity

3. Creating harmony over pluralism, ethnicity, tribe, and race, in the frame of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

4. Supporting Jakarta Government in creating situation in Jakarta that is safe, secure, peaceful, and conducive in accordance with Jakarta Governor's missions: Jakarta to be an advanced City with happy citizens