Ibu Ibukota Awards 2019 Launched Today

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Maria Inggita | August 20th, 2019 06:41 PM 18:41 WIB | Dibaca 519 kali
Ibu Ibukota Awards 2019 Launched Today (Foto : Maulana Khamal Macharani / Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Empowerment and Family Welfare (PKK), Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda), Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI), and Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) are building synergy to launch Ibu Ibukota Awards 2019 held at Pre Function The Hall, on 8th floor of Senayan City, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (8/20).

" Through this event, we want to appreciate women"

"Through this event, we want to appreciate women who maintain the city's honor by mobilizing #AksiHidupBaik in Jakarta. Those are the local actors who work in silent and do their best in creating Jakarta as aa humane and harmonious city," said Fery Farhati Baswedan as the initiator of Ibu Ibukota Awards 2019 as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Conference.

For information, Ibu Ibukota Awards is an appreciation event for women who have work in silent for their families happiness. Ibu Ibukota itself is a title given for women in Jakarta who mobilize #AksiHidupBaik movement by concerning family welfare, health, environment preservation, craft development, and parent and early childhood education. Through this event, Ibu Ibukota Awards want to encourage more women to take a part in supporting Jakarta as a humane and harmonious city.

She conveyed those awards will be given to Ibu Ibukota participants in five categories. Jury team is formed from several experts and activists such as Elidawati Ali Oemar (CEO of El Corps); Tuty Kusumawati (Jakarta PPAPP Department Head) for Empowerment and Family Welfare Sector, Mahariah (Rumah Hijau Founder); Suzi Marsitawati (Jakarta Forestry Department) for Environment Preservation Sector; dr. Widyawati (Jakarta Health Department); and dr. Lily S. Sulistyowati (Head of Indonesian Lactation Center) for Health Sector.

Next, Handaka Santosa (Managing Director of PT. Panen Lestari Indonesia); Euis Saedah (General Secretary of Dekranas); Pincky Sudarman (Director of PT. Alun-Alun Indonesia Kreasi) for Craft Development Sector, and Najelaa Shihab (Founder of Sekolah Cikal); Prof. Dr. Fasli Jalal (Early Childhood Education Specialist) for Parent and Early Childhood Education Sector.

In this chance, Elidawati Ali Oemar said that women should be a mobilizer to empower their community. Most of them have a role in household, but women should also contribute in community. According to him, Ibu Ibukota Awards can encourage other women to be local actors who do the best for their environment.

There are several events held in Ibu Ibukota Awards such as writing competition with theme 'Menulis Cerita Ibu Ibukota' for writers, bloggers, and journalists; Children Handicraft Exhibition, Pasar Raia Together with Ibu Ibukota on November 30-December 1, 2019 at Suropati Park; and peak of Ibu Ibukota Awards event on December 20, 2019.