This Weekend, Hundreds People Enliven Jakarta Museum Marathon Smart Race 2019

Reporter : Rudi Hermawan | Editor : Maria Inggita | August 3rd, 2019 06:32 PM 18:32 WIB | Dibaca 215 kali
This Weekend, Hundreds People Enliven Jakarta Museum Marathon Smart Race 2019 (Foto : Rudi Hermawan /

Jakartans are enthused to join Jakarta Museum Marathon (JMM) Smart Race, one of Jakarta Tourism and Culture Department (Disparbud)'s events that is held on August 3-4, 2019.

" JMM Smart Race 2019 is a sport tourism event"

From total 1,559 people who have registered during registration period on July 5-8, Disparbud only chooses 430 people to join this event. Those participants are not only from Jakarta but also from Bandung, Solo, Bekasi, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, Mojokerto, Tangerang, Bogor, Banjarmasin, and Balikpapan. They are divided into 215 groups for 5 categories.

In detail, 30 participants in 15 groups joined for Jelajah Museum (exploring museum) category, 100 participants in 50 groups for DUO Family, 130 participants in 65 groups for Duo Umum category, 100 participants in 50 groups for DUO Komunitas category, and 70 groups in 35 groups for DUO Kostum Unik category.

Jakarta Disparbud's Destination and Marketing Division Head, Hari Wibowo stated, his side raises theme 'Selfie Museum and Run Track' for current event. He hopes this event  can increase the potentials of history tourism in Jakarta.

"This is our first event that attracts so many people. Since we only have limited slots, not all registrants are able to join this event," he said Saturday (8/3).

According to him, his purpose in holding this event is to promote museums in Jakarta. Thus he plans an attractive event with challenge that requires participants to visit several museums and promote those historical tourist destinations.

"JMM Smart Race 2019 is a sport tourism event. Through this event, we want to introduce and educate them about museums and historical places in Jakarta," he explained.

In the other hand, JMM Smart Race 2019 Event Manager, Dilladil informed, competition for Jelajah Museum category is done on the first day. While competitions for DUO Family, DUO Komunitas, DUO Kostum Unik and DUO Umum categories will be done tomorrow or the second day.

"We challenge the participants to fulfill their missions in each museums and promote the museums via their Instagram accounts," he said.

On the first day, 30 participants of Jelajah Museum category are challenged to explore many museums in Jakarta from 8 AM to 8 PM using Transjakarta Bus and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train.

"It is started from Jakarta's Kite Museum and ended at Kota Tua. All participants should complete all challenges in every museums they are visited," he asserted.