City to Liven Up Lebaran Betawi

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | July 19, 12:48 PM 12:48 WIB | Dibaca 302 kali
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" Lebaran Betawi is a spirit of silaturahmi (friendship) "

The Jakarta Provincial Government along with Betawi Association (Bamus Betawi) is scheduled to hold the 12nd Lebaran Betawi themed 'With Culture We Strengthen Indonesian Unity'. It will fall on July 19-21, 2019 at Lapangan Silang Monas Barat Daya, Gambir, Central Jakarta. 

Bamus Betawi I Vice Chairman, M Rifqi or popularly known as Eki Pitung who also acted as the 12nd Lebaran Betawi Committee Chairman, said that it will be staged in Monas area as it is deemed not only as a symbol of Jakarta, but a national symbol.

"Lebaran Betawi is a spirit of silaturahmi (friendship) from the government with its citizens. We want to invite them to get back together and shake hands," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID press release, Thursday (7/18).

Eventually various events that contain of Betawi specialties will enliven this event. The first day will be filled by Chanting Prayer until Sohibul Hikayat at 7 PM.

On the second day, Betawian performances will be presented at 8 AM, ranging from Tanjidor, Gambus, Marawis, Palang Pintu, Betawi Dance, Betawi Martial Art, Gambang Kromong until Lenong. City Secretary, Saefullah is slated to attend on this moment.

As for the Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan will attend on the third day in order to fulfill the Delivering Procession, which is the tradition of delivering food and drinks to the elder through mayors and regents to the governor.

He will also hand over awards to two Betawian scholars, two Betawian artists and two Betawian Martial Art teachers. During the top event, there will be Sorendo-rendo Nusantara Cultural Carnival by representatives from five cities and Thousand Islands.

Sorendo-rendo is a defensive parade with around 2,000 people wearing traditional archipelago clothes starting from Jakarta City Hall - Arjuna Wiwaha Fountain - on the West Side of Monas or MH Thamrin Statue Gate.

On the last day, it will be enlivened with Garapan Dance, Kolosal Martial Art, Samrah Betawi, Qosidah (religious verses) and Betawian Band.

Even the government already has a number of efforts to parse traffic jam and facilitate transportation to the event location.

As in the Defile Parade event that is held on July 21, traffic on two lanes from Jalan Ridwan Rais will be closed and will be reopened after parade participants pass through Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan.

While at Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan (four lanes), traffic cones will be attached in front of United States Embassy Building until ESDM Building as a barrier that separates two lanes for vehicle traffic and two lanes for the Delfie Parade.

Then on July 20-21, around 5,000 free tickets have been prepared for Transjakarta bus users who want to get the Monas.

Hopefully it will facilitate them well and feel comfortable plus free of charge.