Kramat Jati Puskesmas Visited By 15 WHO Representatives

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 18th, 2019 12:52 PM 12:52 WIB | Dibaca 208 kali
Kramat Jati Puskesmas Visited By 15 WHO Representatives (Foto : Nurito /

15 WHO (World Health Organization) representatives from India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Pakistan and other countries visited Kramat Jati Puskesmas, East Jakarta, on Wednesday (7/17), to know about TB (tuberculosis) treatment in Kramat Jati.

" Thank you for your visit"

In this visit, they are welcomed by Kramat Jati Sub-district Head, Eka Darmawan and Kramat Jati Puskesmas employees.

"Thank you for your visit to our puskesmas as a form of your concern towards TB treatment in Kramat Jati," he expressed while welcoming the representatives.

He explained that his side has coordinated with the locals and 8 hospitals to treat TB patients in Kramat Jati. 

Meanwhile, Kramat Jati Puskesmas Head, Inda Mutiara conveyed, her side has TB Polyclinic, special facility that is given for TB patients. Along 2018, her side has identified TB patients in the region and treated them well until they are recovered.

"TB can be cured if the patients are treated well until they are totally recovered. Moreover, residents should be involved to support Indonesia to be free of TB," she asserted.