Krukut Riverbank Utilized to Grow Lemongrass

Reporter : Wuri Setyaningsih | Editor : Maria Inggita | June 20th, 2019 01:47 PM 13:47 WIB | Dibaca 251 kali
Krukut Riverbank Utilized to Grow Lemongrass (Foto : Wuri Setyaningsih /

Jagakarsa Urban Village residents of Jagakarsa, South Jakarta utilizes one hectare of Krukut riverbank which is located near Kampung Kandang Public Cemetery (TPU) to grow lemongrass.

" It is quite easy to grow"

"It is quite easy to grow. For the first three months it needs to be fertilized and cleaned from weeds. It takes around 5-6 months to be ready for harvest. But not all lemongrass can be sold, because some of them are needed to be the next seedlings," said one of the residents, Wiwid Widodo, Wednesday (6/19).

Her side can harvest around 50 kg of lemongrass  and sells it for Rp 6,000 per kilogram. Usually merchants from Timbul Market, Lenteng Agung Market, and Pondok Labu Market come to order lemongrass from Jagakarsa residents.