Free Homecoming Program Registrant Reaches 16,400 People

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | May 22nd, 2019 01:00 PM 13:00 WIB | Dibaca 282 kali
Free Homecoming Program Registrant Reaches 16,400 People (Foto : Reza Hapiz /

Jakarta Transportation Department (Dishub) mentioned that until May 17, 2019, number of Free Homecoming Program registrants has reached 16,400 people. It is still 178 seats remaining for total quota of Free Homecoming Program this year.

" We expect this program to facilitate Jakartans who want to celebrate Eid in their hometown"

Free Homecoming Program is one of Jakarta Provincial Government programs to facilitate Jakartans who want to go to their hometown and return to Jakarta during homecoming period.

According to Dishub's data, remaining quota are still available for Jakarta-Ciamis route with total 8 buses, Jakarta-Kuningan route 4 buses, Jakarta-Pekalongan route 15 buses, and Jakarta-Tegal route 3 buses. While there is no quota left for other routes such as Jakarta-Wonogiri, Jakarta-Solo, Jakarta-Kebumen, Jakarta-Yogyakarta, Jakarta-Semarang, and Jakarta-Jombang.

Participants of this program will depart together from Merdeka Square, Monas, Central Jakarta on May 30 and return to Jakarta from terminal in their hometown on June 8, 2019.

Jakarta Dishub Road Transport Division Head, Massdes Arroufy stated, Jakartans who are interested to join can register online via web Later, registrants will get booking code. They should go to the nearest Dishub offices for personal data and booking code verification. It requires KTP (ID card) and family card (KK), but for those who plan to bring motorcycle also need to bring their vehicle registration document (STNK).

"We open service for verification and ticket printing from Monday to Friday at 7AM-3PM," he mentioned, Tuesday (5/21).

This program also offers free motorcycle shipping with quota 5,560 motorcycles.

"We expect this program to facilitate Jakartans who want to celebrate Eid in their hometown while reducing the risk of accidents, especially for motorcycle riders," he explained.

Jakarta Dishub's Public Transportation Section Head, Regitta Maywidia Sari stated, Free Homecoming Program registration will be closed on May 24, 2019.

"For homecoming reverse flow, we provide buses in terminals located in 10 cities for those travelers to return to Jakarta. Buses will depart on June 8, 2019 at 7AM. It heads to Pulogebang Integrated Terminal, Kampung Rambutan Terminal, and Pulogadung Terminal," she explained.