City to Form UPT to Manage Scholarship

Reporter : Folmer | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | August 21, 11:29 PM 23:29 WIB | Dibaca 1371 kali
City to Form UPT to Manage Scholarship (Foto : /

The city administration is still finalizing the rule of scholarship fund management for students in the capital. As planned, it would be managed by the Technical Management Unit (UPT) specialized on fund management to avoid overlapping.

" It depends on the bylaw. Jakarta Education Department cannot manage financial"

"It depends on the bylaw. Jakarta Education Department cannot manage financial," said Jakarta Vice Governor, Basuki 'Ahok' T Purnama, at City Hall, Thursday (8/21).

Basuki disclosed, UPT formation specialized on scholarship fund management will be set in the Bylaw. This is because, scholarship fund includes grant funds category or social assistance where its management is under Jakarta Financial Management Agency (BPKD).

"Yet, the BPKD refused to manage such grant funds, thus the UPT should be formed specialized on scholarship fund management," he expressed.

He explained that the Jakarta Scholarship Foundation (YBJ), which is in charge of distributing education aid budget for students and college students in the capital will be dissolved after UPT is formed.

"If we have the UPT, we do not need the YBJ anymore. Just ask Mr. Lasro if you want to know," he explained.

Previously, Basuki conveyed that the YBJ would be dissolved if scholarship fund distribution merged in the Jakarta Smart Card (KJP). As planned, its distribution will be realized in 2015.

"We want students to get scholarship allowances next year. Therefore, we plan to upgrade the KJP as scholarship. By so all children could continue education well," he asserted.