Jakartans Enthused with Complete Facilities of Bhinneka RPTRA

Reporter : Wuri Setyaningsih | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | March 11th, 2019 02:46 PM 14:46 WIB | Dibaca 457 kali
Jakartans Enthused with Complete Facilities of Bhinneka RPTRA (Foto : Wuri Setyaningsih / Beritajakarta.id)

" Every day 300 people visit here, especially in the weekend"

With complete sport and children's playground facilities, the Bhinneka Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA) at Jalan Swadarma Raya, Petukangan Utara, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta becomes one of the people's favorite places.

Based on beritajakarta.id, Monday (2/11) morning, dozens of residents did their activities in the RPTRA area. Some of them interacted socially by talking under a tree.

As experienced by Ninis Saputri (29), a citizen of RT 06/04, Petukangan Utara, she takes her son to play in the park area almost every morning.

"I come here almost every day to accompany my son playing slides and swings," she expressed.

Then another citizen, Danih (50), a citizen of RT 02/04, Petukangan Utara came to use the park's sport facilities. Along with his friends, they came after jogging in his environment.

"Moreover it is free of charge rather than going to a gym," he told.

As for the information, the park has 3,000 square meters width with supporting facilities such as, children's playground, gym equipment, halls, lactation rooms, toilets, futsal courts, PKK Marts, amphitheater, nutritional pools, nutrition gardens, and various spots, which can be used by residents to interact socially.

Bhinneka RPTRA Caretaker, Norma Santi uttered that it is often packed by hundreds of people every day from and outside Jakarta.

"300 people visit here every day, especially in the weekend," he told.