Anti-Corruption Socialization Given to Regency's Civil Apparatuses

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Maria Inggita | February 27th, 2019 11:53 AM 11:53 WIB | Dibaca 267 kali
Anti-Corruption Socialization Given to Regency's Civil Apparatuses (Foto : Suparni /

Thousand Islands Regency cooperates with North Jakarta State Prosecutor's Office (Kejagri) and Polda Metro Jaya to hold socialization for civil apparatuses (ASN) regarding corruption prevention at Mitra Praja Office, Thousand Islands. There are 50 civil apparatuses from SKPDs and UKPDs in Regency who participate in this socialization.

" Corruption is our enemy that should be eradicated"

Thousand Islands Vice Regent, Junaedi stated, corruption prevention socialization is important to avoid corruption and misuse in procurement or development process.

"Corruption is our enemy that should be eradicated. In order to prevent it, ASNs should make sure their budget is managed well without any misuse," he explained, Tuesday (2/26).

In order to minimize misuse and corruption, North Jakarta State Prosecutor's Office's Intel Section Head, Ridho Setiawan conveyed that his side has cooperated with related institutions to form Saber Pungli (Illegal Levies Eradication Team) across sectors and North Jakarta State Prosecutor's Security Team for Government and Regional Development (TP4D).

"TP4D should escort the development process on the legal side thus government's work could be done professionally, on target, far from corruption, and its budget absorption is also optimal," he explained.