City to Have 53 Green Parks 'Taman Maju Bersama

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | February 20th, 2019 03:25 PM 15:25 WIB | Dibaca 767 kali
City to Have 53 Green Parks 'Taman Maju Bersama (Foto : /

" We'll prepare Rp 130 billion to realize them"

Jakarta Forestry Agency plans to create 53 open green spaces in South Jakarta, North Jakarta, and West Jakarta this year under a program it calls Taman Maju Bersama (Move Forward Together Parks). 

"We'll prepare Rp 130 billion to realize them," said Park Planning Section Head, Hendrianto, Tuesday (2/19). 

As the initial stage, 30 parks are targeted to be finished in the forthcoming August and the rest of them will be executed by the end of December," he expressed, Tuesday (2/19). 

They will be completed with various facilities such as, sports fields, amphitheater, jogging track, retention ponds, libraries, toilets, urban agriculture, and security posts.

"Each park has a varied wide, ranging from 2,000 square meters up to 3.4 hectares," he told.

His party also involves the Communication, Informatic, and Statistic Agency to provide free Wi-Fi for visitors.

Related to its development, citizens were involved in twice focus group discussions (FGD) last year in a bid to collect ideas and input, as well as proposals for design and problem mapping.

"We also hold the same thing related to design improvements prior to the auction of development and preparation of programs and activities," he said.