Lintas Jaya Operation, 12 Taxis Towed in Cibubur

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Maria Inggita | January 28, 04:48 PM 16:48 WIB | Dibaca 142 kali
Lintas Jaya Operation, 12 Taxis Towed in Cibubur (Foto : Nurito /

Tens of taxis were towed by East Jakarta Transportation Sub-department personnel due to illegal parking in front of Cibubur Junction, Jalan Raya Cibubur, Cibubur Urban Village, Ciracas, Monday (1/28).

" Towing is done to 12 taxis in front of Cibubur Junction"

East Jakarta Transportation Sub-department's Monitoring and Controlling Section Head, Slamet Dahlan conveyed, vehicle operation was done at Cibubur Junction because many taxis stopped illegally on the road and caused congestion.

"Towing is done to 12 taxis. All of them were stopping illegally on the roadside to wait customers," he informed.

90 joint personnel from Transportation Sub-department, Garnisun, POM TNI AD, AL AU were deployed to conduct Lintas Jaya Operation today.