Transjakarta Provides Special Services toward Tourist Sites

Reporter : Rudi Hermawan | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | December 27, 10:16 AM 10:16 WIB | Dibaca 683 kali
Transjakarta Provides Special Services toward Tourist Sites (Foto : /

PT Transportasi (Transjakarta) is providing a number of special services to serve residents go to tourist sites during the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

" It aims to facilitate people toward Ragunan Zoo"

PT Transjakarta President Director, Agung Wicaksono stated, starting on December 26, 2018-January 6, 2019, its service with route Pulogadung-Ragunan and Puri Beta-Ragunan will operate every day. Previously, it was only operated every weekend and national holiday.

"It aims to facilitate people toward Ragunan Zoo," he expressed, Wednesday (12/26).

Aside that the Metrotrans shuttle bus is also provided from SMKN 57, Agriculture Ministry towards Ragunan or vice versa that has been operated since December 24, 2018.

"This is free of charge. So people can park their vehicles in the parking lots that have been provided and then head to Ragunan by shuttle bus," he told.

His side is about to add more buses for Corridor 1 (Blok M-Kota), Corridor 5 (Ancol-Kampung Melayu), and Corridor 7 (Kampung Rambutan-Ancol) on New Year celebration.

"It operates for 24 hours," he told.

People who want to get around the city of Jakarta can use the free bus service. There are seven double-decker buses operated.

Here are seven double-decker bus services, as follows:

1. History of Jakarta (BW1), Juanda-Monas-Balai Kota-Museum Nasional, Gedung Arsip-Museum Bank Indonesia-BNI 46-Pasar Baru-Juanda

2. Jakarta Modern (BW2), Juanda-Monas-Balai Kota- Sarinah–Plaza Indonesia-Sarinah-Museum Nasional-Pecenongan-Pasar Baru-Juanda.

3. Art and Culinary (BW3), Balai Kota-Sarinah-Plaza Indonesia-Harmoni-Gedung  Arsip, Museum Bank Indonesia-BNI 46-Sawah Besar-Pecenongan-Juanda-Monas-Balai Kota.

4. Jakarta Skyscrapers (BW4), Juanda-Monas-Balai Kota-Sarinah-Tosari-Dukuh Atas-Karet Sudirman-Bundaran Senayan-Gelora Bung Karno-Dukuh Atas-Plaza Indonesia-Museum Nasional-Pecenongan-Pasar Baru-Juanda.

5. RPTRA Kalijodo (BW5), Balai Kota-Sarinah-Tosari, RPTRA Kalijodo-Tosari-Plaza Indonesia-Sarinah-Balaikota.

6. Makam Mbah Priok (BW6), Juanda-Monas-Balai Kota-Sarinah-Tosari-Makam Mbah Priok.

7. Jakarta Shopping (BW7), Balai Kota-Sarinah-Tosari-Dukuh Atas-Gelora Bung Karno-Plaza Senayan-Senayan City-Gelora Bung Karno-Dukuh Atas-Tosari-Grand Indonesia-Sarinah-Balai Kota.