PE Dept. Saves PJU Electric Cost Up to 51 Percent

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | December 04, 2018 03:39 PM | Hits 142
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Jakarta Industry and Energy (PE) Dept. is able to save street lights (PJU) electricity cost up to 51 percent gradually from 2016 by replacing conventional HPS lamps with Light Emitting Diode Smart System (LED SS).

" If we calculate it cumulatively, we can save almost Rp 300 billion per year"

Jakarta PE Dept.'s City Lighting Division Head, Syamsul Bakhri stated, in 2015 all PJU lamps were using conventional lights with electricity cost Rp 47.5 billion per month. But now it is only Rp 24.3 billion per month.

"If we calculate it cumulatively, we can save almost Rp 300 billion per year," he asserted, Tuesday (12/4).

He explained, previously PJUs on main road used 400 watt HPS lamps but now all of them are replaced with 200 watt LED SS lamps. Next, street lights on connecting roads are replaced from using 250 watt HPS lamps into 120 watt LED SS lamps.

"Previously we used 150 watt HPS lamps to light the environment road, but now 90 watt is enough. We also replace lamps in alleys from 70 watt into 40 watt LED SS," he mentioned.

He informed, PE Dept. installs 89,417 LED SS lamps in 2016. In 2017, it increases into 93,894 lamps and in 2018 PE Dept. is targeting to install 57,101 LED SS lamps.

"We will finish energy saving lamp installation to all PJU lights in Jakarta," he said.